Break The Exercise Cycle

The Importance Of Changing Up Your Exercise Routine!

If you have a workout “routine” be aware of getting comfortable with it -Make sure it is still challenging and effective!

The Definition Of Insanity:

“Doing The Same Thing Over & Over And Expecting Different Results”

In terms of fitness -The only way to see and feel results is by varying your workout routine -Change in the exercises routine will surprise the body and challenge it to adapt. Bringing your exercise routine to a new level each time you train.

Sound challenging to do on your own, don’t know where to start, wonder if you have the time?

With our busy lives, its hard to self motivate and make the time to exercise, which is why it needs to be part of your weekly schedule.

  • Try committing to a group fitness program which is designed to solve that problem and encourages change.
  • Consider a Personal Trainer (Something I highly recommend everyone does at least once in their lives.) Let a trainer guide and educate you on how to conduct your workouts.

Don’t cheat yourself of the challenge…Take your workouts to a new level.

Expect your positive results to start there!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy summer.


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2 Responses to “Break The Exercise Cycle”

  1. shawnbyfield Says:

    I like the idea of making a schedule. We make a schedule for work, the doctor, meetings and everything else… but when it comes to scheduling time for OURSELVES, we slack off!

    I’m guilty of it too, I will start scheduling more “me” time. Thanks for the tip! =)

  2. Eric Astrauskas Says:

    Good post! I agree with adding variety to achieve adaptation. I would like to add some tips.

    1. Mix up your cardio with weight training with high intensity interval training. Do a 2-3 sets of a weight training exercise, followed by high intensity cardio (skipping, incline run, squat thrusts, mountain climbers).

    2. You may also add instability and whole body exercises with your workouts with exercise balls or BOSU ball training.

    3. Perform exercises with different joint angles to stress muscle fibers differently.

    Best Regards

    Personal Trainer in Toronto
    Eric Astrauskas, B.A.(Kinesiology), P.T.S.

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