Why Take a Group Fitness Class…

…Over Going to the Gym Alone?

Because – Exercising in a group increases motivation and adds enjoyment to a fitness program!

Committing to group fitness classes outside the gym holds you accountable and creates the routine of having a regular time and place to workout.

This is key for those who have trouble “fitting exercise into a busy schedule” enabling them to put their excuses aside, by making the time, and the choice to make a change!

Need more convincing?

Top 5 reasons why you should join a Women’s or Men’s only fitness class:

  1. You’ll get a fitness instructor who is experienced and qualified –don’t know how to conduct yourself in a gym? Problem solved!
  2. No monthly membership fees going to waste – stop paying for a membership that you aren’t getting full use out of!
  3. Small class sizes – that motivate without a stressful and hectic environment of a crowded class room
  4. Private, clean and inspiring facility – away from the chaos of a congested gym, choose a bright, inviting and appealing atmosphere
  5. The most fun you’ll ever have – Look forward to coming to class each week. Group exercise that is enjoyable and invigorating. A program you’ll be inspired to stick with!

Find the right fit for you.

Women’s only fitness classes
NEW classes starting November.

Men’s only fitness classes…coming soon…December 2008

Be well,



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