Kelloggs Special K* – Womens Fitness Expert

SpecialK_Logo.epsRecently I had the pleasure of speaking to women on behalf of Kellogg’s regarding the Special K* Challenge.

With a New Year approaching we know its the most common time to reflect on the past year, reassess our situations and envisions ways to be our ideal selves. In other words – its New Years Resolution time!

The Kellogg’s Special K* challenge is a great way to partner yourself for success this year, and encourages you to:

§ Set goals for yourself
§ Eat well balanced meals
§ Exercise regularly and
§ Stay motivated

Kellogg’s Special K* Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution from a Women’s Fitness  Expert:

Step 1: Identify your exercise personality and interests: Whether it is group exercise, playing sports, or working out at home, there are plenty of interesting and fun ways of staying fit. Whatever works for you, just make a choice you’ll enjoy.

Step 2: Set realistic goals: Consider all your obligations and choose a time to exercise that is realistic and manageable on an ongoing basis.

Step 3: Stick with it: Stay motivated by exercising with a friend, family member, partner or your children. Exercising regularly is rewarding and healthy for everyone and can motivate you to do anything.

You don’t need to go to a gym to be active. Try living a more active lifestyle by going for a romantic walk each night after dinner or by biking with your family. Remember it all adds up – every little bit counts!

You can affect your own future -Now is the perfect time to take action.

In combination with healthy eating and positive body image, physical activity can improve our quality of life. Balanced, all 3 create

Total Body Wellbeing!

Kellogg’s Special K* New Years Resolution Media Event


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