May’s Healthy Lifestyles Newsletter

Choose Health and Fitness as
a Lifestyle Not as a Fad!

This Month’s Topics:

1) Nutrition – Breakfast In Less Then 10minutes… No Excuses!
2) Fitness – Exercise Of The Month
3) Wellness – Ease Muscle Pain, Relax and Rejuvenate
4) News– Eva on Oh So Cosmo TV Clip

*     *     *     *     *

1) Nutrition – A Breakfast You Can Eat and Make In Less Then 10minutes – No Excuses!

Ladies who skip breakfast – I’ve got a bone to pick with you! Don’t do it. Eating breakfast sets the tone for the day.

The metabolism needs a kick start in the morning after hours of rest and slowing down.

Those who skip breakfast are so hungry by lunch that they eat EVERYTHING in sight.

Plus, between you and me – skipping breakfast makes you grouchy – start the day with a healthy breakfast and function better at work, or use the energy to take over the world.

Breakfast in 10 Minutes or Less:

Natures Path Organic Hot Oatmeal
Available in most Metros and Noahs Health Food Stores

To Prepare:
Simply empty packet into bowl, add boiling water and enjoy!

oatmealWith delicious flavors like: Apple Cinnamon, Maple Nut, Multigrain Raisin Spice, Cranberry Ginger and my fav Flax Plus (Tip: Add fresh banana slices)

No More Excuses – make the time to start the day right!

2) Fitness – Exercise Of The Month

Abs – Core
A strong core is essential and is always the place I work to strengthen first.

No equipment required here
Targets the rectus abdominis a.k.a the “six pack”and the obliques.

Eva Redpath Exercise

Eva Redpath Exercise

Exercise: The good old Bicycle
Start by lying on your back, fingertips lightly behind your ears. Bend working leg bringing the knee towards your chest and in the direction of your opposite shoulder as you contract to bring your shoulder blade off the ground.

Push the leg out while twisting the upper body to the opposite side while lifting the knee of the other working leg. Keep alternating sides while pushing feet in a peddling motion

Tips: Don’t pull on neck, exhale as your knee comes to chest
Repeat 12x

Variation– When you are strong enough reach arms above head, as your knee lifts extend hand to tap inside of opposite foot

3) Wellness – Ease Muscle Pain, Relax and Rejuvenate…In Water.

Long day at work? Challenging workout? On your way home stop at Shoppers and grab a bag of Epsom Salt! Give your bathtub a scrub, and draw yourself a bath…add 1-2 cups of Epsom salt, soak for 12-15 minutes and ENJOY!

elsomhandsThe Top 3 Benefits:
3) Reduce inflammation & relieve pain from sore muscles.
2) Prevention or easing of migraine headaches.
1) Stress Relief!

Make a little time for yourself in May.

4) News- Eva on Oh So Cosmo TV Clip

Healthy ways of getting “it” out – stress!  A recent Oh So Cosmo tv segment gives you a few ideas….Blog, Sing or Dance it out.

See Eva featured as she shows you how to dance it out.

*     *     *     *     *

A little encouragement to live by in May:

“Try a little spring cleaning, attitude included. The mind is a powerful tool, make it work for you. In fitness its possible to achieve whatever you set your mind to!”

If you like what you are reading, tried last months tips, then please take a minute and let me know, leave a comment below…

Be well,


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