How To Get Your Dream Body

Health + Beauty Glow Magazine Summer 2009 (I’m Quoted)

How To Get Your Dream Body

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine

By: Tania Kwong

Whether you’re looking for instant fixes or long-term solutions, Your body – beautiful plan starts right here. From foods that help rejuvenate your skin to innovative products that help fight cellulite, our Experts reveal the health and beauty tricks that will get you to your happy body place – once and for all. Get ready to flaunt it.

Eating the right foods can bring your skin back to life. Pearle Nerenberg, a dietitian in Montreal, recommends adding high quality foods that contain disease-fighting antioxidants – such as fruits and veggies that are rich in color, like berries, sweet potatoes and red peppers – to your shopping list. “Antioxidants absorb free radicals, so they help keep skin healthy at the cellular level,” says Nerenberg.

Incorporating small doses of heart-healthy unsaturated fats like peanut butter, avocado and olive oil into your diet can also improve your skin and make it radiant. “These fats actually help make skin tight, strong and healthy,” says Nerenberg. Omega-3 fatty acids are great because they have anti-inflammatory benefits – you can find them in fatty fish like trout, sardines and mackerel, as well,as flaxseed and supplements. Steer clear of excess sodium and simple sugars found in processed foods like potato chips and cookies. “They give the digestive system a shock,” she says. “lt’s like putting pure astringent on your face as opposed to a nice lotion.”

Adding a skin-specific supplement to your daily routine can give your skin a boost and provide ingredients that your diet may be lacking. lmedeen’s Time Perfection capsules contain proteins and polysaccharides (complex carbs) – which are important for skin’s structure and moisture – as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and promise smoother, stronger,younger-looking skin in 90 days.

lf your body could use a radiance makeover, slough away dead skin cells with a salt scrub. “Dead sea salts have the highest quality of minerals,” says Andrea Walker, an aesthetician based in Montreal. For an all-natural blend, she suggests mixing equal parts grape-seed oil and Dead Sea salts together with lemon – a natural alpha hydroxy acid – and scrubbing gently all over your body. “lf you’re too rough, you could make your skin even drier,” advises Walker. After showering, lock in moisture with a hydrating body lotion ” Use one with a hint of shimmer to really give your legs a shine boost.

There may not be a magical cure to rid our bodies of the dimply fat deposits we know as cellulite, but there are ways to disguise it. Today’s firming products are more advanced than ever. Clarins High Definition Body Lift smooths cellulite by targeting a new found protein barrier that blocks fat-releasing enzymes. lt also allows for increased caffeine (a known stimulant that helps smooth bumps) absorption by 60 percent.

For instant gratification, you can try the new Elancyl Cellu/Reverse 14 Days Stomach and Waist formula, which contains Szechuan pepper extract (to reactivate and boost naturally occurring fat-burning proteins), and brown algae extract (for its firming benefits.) Wish you could treat cellulite in your sleep? Try Biotherm’s new Celluli Laser lntensive Night – it is based on chronobiology (biological timekeeping) and fights our nighttime-occurring cellulite triggers: sugars turning into fats, fat storage and a slower drainage system.

Tailoring your exercise regimen can also help treat problem areas in a big way. Start by incorporating at least 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio into your daily routine. Try child-play activities like jumping jacks or skipping rope. To keep things interesting, Eva Redpath, a personal trainer in Toronto, suggests alternating feet with each jump or using one foot first and then the other.

Walking for half an hour every day is another great way to get your heart rate and circulation going. “l don’t recommend a stroll in the park,” she says. “You need to get your heart rate up and walk at a brisk pace to reap the benefits.” Spinning classes at the gym can also do wonders for cellulite-prone areas. “Make sure that you’re working out with high resistance because you want the burn in your glutes to be intense,” advises Redpath.

Strengthening your glutes and quads will also help minimize the look of cellulite. Do a combo of walking lunges and stationary squats to target them. While the amount of reps varies by individual, always aim to fatigue your muscles. “l would say 15 to 20 reps and three sets in a row at least three times a week,” she says. Use your own body weight as resistance, or do them with a 10-pound dumbbell in each hand for increased intensity.

Even novices can take advantage of the most effective toning moves for your arms, abs and legs. Push-ups are your arms are best bet because they work a host of different muscles (chest, core, triceps and biceps).“You can place your arms wider so that they target your chest or bring your elbows toward your rib cage to work your triceps,” says Redpath.

To tone your midsection, try doing three sets of 12 bicycle crunches. Lying on your back with your fingertips behind your ears, bend one leg and bring your knee toward your chest (in the direction of your opposite shoulder) as you lift your shoulders off the ground. Straighten your leg while twisting your upper body to the opposite side and lift the knee of your working leg. “Keep alternating sides while pushing your feet in a peddling motion,” says Redpath.

Doing three sets of 12 walking lunges will really help firm up your glutes.”Make sure that both legs are at 90-degree angles when bending, and keep your knee above your ankle on your front leg,” she says. Otherwise, you may inflict a knee injury.

Believe it or not, using body-bronzing makeup (think temporary bronze, not self-tanners) on your arms and legs will make them look leaner by contouring them. “They make your arms and legs look slimmer by giving them dimension when the light hits,” says Scott Barnes, a celeb makeup pro who created Jennifer Lopez’s famous glow. Not only will it give you a Victoria’s Secret-worthy shimmer but it can also serve as a quick day-to-night fix by accenting your collarbone and legs. lf you’re fair-skinned, mix it with your regular moisturizer or buff the color down with a towel after application. And don’t forget to apply bronzing powder to your face!

Pricey pedis can easily eat into your summer beauty budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your feet during sandal season. DIY treatments are just as effective at maintaining healthy feet. Invest in a pumice stone to keep in your shower and use it on the balls of your feet and heels as needed; follow with a gentle exfoliating scrub and foot cream. For extra TLC, use a hydrating mask on your feet once a week to give your tootsies an extra moisture boost. You can also apply Vaseline to them before bed (it seals in moisture) and wear cotton socks overtop. Once your alarm goes off, you’ll wake up with super-silky feet.

If brittle nails are your nemesis, strengthen them by eating protein (like eggs, nuts or cheese) at every meal. Vegetarians should go for legumes like lentils and kidney and black beans. Popping a multivitamin will also help fortify your nails. lf you have any irregularities in nail color, you may have a mineral or vitamin deficiency in your diet. “lt’s usually a sign that you’re missing a trace mineral like zinc, magnesium or B-vitamins,” says Nerenberg.

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine

Eva Redpath Glow Magazine


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