How To Stay Fit On A Budget

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It is important to stay consistent with exercise even when money is tight, our health is important so its crucial that it doesn’t get forgotten about.

Life is busy – money is tight! We get it, but if you aren’t making the time for exercise, then you aren’t making the time for yourself.

If a gym membership and personal trainer isn’t in your budget, consider a workout partner or joining a group fitness class to help you stay enthusiastic and motivated.

Those who exercise in groups sustain greater motivation to train, than those who workout alone! Don’t isolate yourself if you don’t have to.

Exercising is tough work and may not be the most exciting activity you have in your schedule, so don’t make it hard on yourself. There are a plethora of options that are motivating, encouraging and FUN! 

If you can’t find the time to commit to group classes or are short on funds, then try to workout with a reliable partner who shares the same goals as you. Coaching and cheering on your partner can be a great way to incorporate extra motivation and will in turn excite you to push yourself as well.

Frugal Fitness Solutions


1. Stay Fit With Friends This Summer

exercising w friendsTake advantage of the weather, get outside and get fit! Plan a weekend walk or run with a friend and make it a healthy lunch date to reward yourselves afterwards – its a great way to socialize and exercise all at once.

Consider taking up a sport this summer, like joining a Tennis club, Soccer team or a Running group – All great ways to enjoy the outdoors, meet people and exercise at the same time.

2. Stay Fit With An At Home Program

Its amazing what you can do in the comfort of your own home!

Eva Redpath Toronto Exercise

Eva Redpath Toronto Exercise

Since my background comes from Dance, I’ve found the best results in doing workouts that consist of whole body exercises, using functional moves to improve muscular strength and endurance.

My method starts with a warm up followed by a stretch and continues with pre choreographed exercises done to specifically prepared playlists on my iPod.  I focus on each body part for the duration of a song, which I carefully choose to motivate and push me through the exercises.

For example, I always choose an upbeat pushup track. The energy in the song helps to push me through the duration of the exercise. For my core I select a slow acoustic track to help me focus on my breathing and correct form.

I take little to no breaks in between exercises. I’m continuously moving on to a different body part; which keeps me engaged and my workouts moving.

Eva Redpath Toronto Exercise

Eva Redpath Toronto Exercise

At the end of each workout I feel challenged both physically and mentally, giving me a sense of accomplishment in having worked hard towards achieving my fitness goals.

You don’t need any equipment or weights, the length of each exercise plus your own body weight and resistance is enough – trust me!

No gym, no equipment – no cost!

3. Create A Mini Back Yard Boot Camp

outdoorStart by taking a jog, bike ride or rollerblade around the block or park. Then use your surroundings for conditioning exercises.

Perform pushups and tricep dips on a bench, do walking lunges along the side walk, pull ups on the monkey bars, and core on the grass.

The park – your free gym… Improvise!

4. Live Actively – 100% FREE

woman-taking-stairsTake the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator, Get off the bus early and walk, Walk the dog, Walk to school/work, Wash the car, Clean the house, Go shopping, Plan a family bike ride, Rollerblading on the board walk, Make a routine of taking a romantic walk after dinner!

Whatever the activity you choose, every little bit helps – doing anything is better then doing nothing at all!

5. Make A Plan and Track Your Results

journalA great way to increase your success is to keep a visual record of your programs and accomplishments. This can be done by simply writing your fitness achievements and setbacks in a workout journal. The journal works because it further holds you accountable. If you write about your efforts, then you are more likely to follow through on your goals.

Your journal should include a list of your personal goals, your strengths and weaknesses. You can even write, or cut out exercises and recipes you find online or in magazines and add them to the book for your reference and inspiration.

Know your specific workout intension, be present during your training and never let the mind wander. Always remember that the hard work you put in today is getting you closer to your long term objectives!

And lastly create an encouraging phrase you can say to yourself at the height of the challenge.

For example:

I want this, I believe in myself, and I am going to keep on pushing!

Be well,

Eva Redpath


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