Be A Woman – Nominate The Amazing Women You Know!

Do you know any unsung heroes?

We’re on a mission to unite one million amazing women around the world…

Join a grassroots movement to connect, empower and celebrate the beauty of womanhood and friendship! This campaign is inspired by the memory of ONE COURAGEOUS SPIRIT, Erika Heller…a daughter, sister, newlywed and friend to many. Erika passed away May 28th, 2009 at 31 years old. Diagnosed with colon cancer at 27 years of age, Erika never asked “Why me?” but rather called the diagnosis “a gift.”

She lived with all the passion, love and exuberance of a person cramming in as much as she could, in the shortest amount of time! She was the spokesperson for Look Good Feel Better, Colon Cancer Canada, she was featured in magazines, TV, documentaries and she appeared in the inspirational gift book at the heart of this campaign, Be…a Woman: expressions of life, as the face of Courage and Inspiration.

In light of her circumstances, every day and every relationship held special value and importance to Erika. Because she knew her time was limited, she lived with a raw transparency, expressing her feelings of love, appreciation and gratitude for the people in her life during virtually every conversation with friends and family. She wanted no word of appreciation unspoken. She inspired countless people to live with meaning and intention, including me, one of her many friends.

This campaign is creating a legacy all women can be a part of…a legacy of friendship and appreciation that demonstrates how one person has the ability to make the world a much better place simply by being a generous, loving soul.

When was the last time you told the amazing women in your life how they have influenced and inspired you? Don’t keep it to yourself, let them know…tell them today and be part of this global movement to unite 1,000,000 amazing women, through 1,000,000 inspiring acts of kindness. Stand in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder with the mother, sister, aunt, grandma, friend, teacher, nurse, or co-worker who has lifted you up and made you believe in yourself, or helped you to see the world differently.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that your smile, or the way your soul has touched another is remembered long after you are gone? Let’s say it when we feel it…in the living years.

…to read more about Erika and the goal to raise $100,000 for Look Good Feel Better – an organization that helps empower and lift the spirits of women undergoing any type of cancer treatment through sales of the inspirational book at the heart of this campaign, Be…a Woman: expressions of life…visit

Thank you for your support! Please pass this along to your friends and family and help us reach our goal of uniting 1,000,000 AMAZING WOMEN

Join our FAN PAGE and follow our journey at

I look forward to reading your nominations and sharing in your expression of gratitude.

With hope, love and appreciation,

Kim MacGregor

One of Erika Heller’s inspired friends & co-creator and author of Be…a Woman: expressions of life, featuring Erika

Join us…click GO below and nominate the amazing women you know!

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