Eva Redpath Featured in Chatelaine Healthwise

Eva Redpath Featured in Chatelaine

Eva Redpath Featured in Chatelaine

Stepping Up My Summer Fitness Routine

By: Jacqueline Nunes

Are you trying any new fitness activities this summer? To keep myself motivated, I’ve been doing a little bit of everything — mostly running, lots of walking, swimming, some weight-training, the occasional rock-climbing session, and I’m still playing floor hockey.

Last week, I ventured into a fitness class called “Body Conditioning by Dancers,” taught by the Toronto-based personal trainer Eva Redpath. It’s been ages since I’ve done a fitness class, and this one was pretty grueling. It’s about an hour and 20 minutes, and since Eva’s also a trained dancer, it combines dance moves with strength-training, using your body as resistance.

I brought my camera along, but I was working too hard to take any photos! This video from Eva’s website will give you a sense of the exercises we did during the class:

In the video, Eva and one of her participants also make the case for group fitness, saying that it’s motivating and makes you push yourself harder than when you’re working out alone.

I’d have to agree — you’re definitely less likely to slow down or give up when you look around and you’re surrounded by women who are sweating and grunting and pushing themselves through each exercise.

To see the full article and read more of  Jacqueline’s health blog visit

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Eva Redpath Featured in Chatelaine

Eva Redpath Featured in Chatelaine


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