August’s Healthy Lifestyles Newsletter

Choose Health and Fitness as a Lifestyle… Not as a Fad!

Welcome to my monthly newsletter.  You can now look forward to my fitness and nutrition tips and motivation at the beginning of each month.

This Month’s Topics:
1) Nutrition – ATTN Fellow Chocoholics: Indulge In This!
2) Fitness – Exercise Of The Month
3) Wellness – “Mr Magic Hands”
4) News – Eva in the Media

*     *     *     *     *

1) Nutrition – ATTN Fellow Chocoholics: Indulge In This!

Green and Black’s Organic Chocolategreen-and-blacks-logo-lgMade with the finest organic ingredients — from the cocoa beans and milk to the nuts and fruit.  Their philosophy is that growing organically, with no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers, protects the well-being of the earth and what the earth is able to provide us. Or better said, if you’re good to the earth, it can be very good back.

The result is Green & Black’s intensely rich and decadent flavor.

green and black

So what seems too good to be true turns out to be surprisingly simple. You can have both the Green & the Black. Be Unspoiled & Spoiled Rotten. Have the Organic & the Oh-So-Good. No compromise.

Mmmm, mmmm, mmm!

Look for it at your local health food store.

2) Fitness – Exercise Of The Month

Sun Salute with Twist

Exercise: Targets Core and works Flexibility

sun salute with twist1. Start standing feet together (or feet shoulder width apart for more balance) arms by your side

2. Extend hands overhead, crossing one palm in front of the other

3. Hinge at the waist/hips, twist and reach towards the outside of the right foot, release neck and spine into the stretch

4. Contract the core as you draw the body up right to standing and repeat on the other side.

Thats one rep, Repeat 10-12x

Tips: Keep your neck inline with your spine at all times, keep core engaged

3) Wellness – Toronto’s Best
Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Clinic

Take it from someone who has had massages from people all over the world – in China, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, The States, Mexico, Jamaica, and Canada – and has never had a more amazing massage.

My best kept secret – Dan Crystal – my Registered Massage Therapist and his magic hands.

For bookings contact him at 416-434-2776 or  Make sure you tell him I sent you – and promise you’ll let me tell you “I told you so” after.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage? Honestly, your body needs it and you deserve it.

4) News – Eva In the Media – Chatelaine

Jacqueline Nunes from Chatelaine’s Healthwise Blog attended one of my classes click here to see her comments, and feel free to leave some of your own.

*     *     *     *     *

A little encouragement to live by in August:

Take time out to check in with your internal state. It will help you to remain present!

If you like what you are reading or tried last months tips, then please take a minute and let me know…

Be well and have a wonderful rest of summer.



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