Dance To Get Fit

Eva Redpath and Body Conditioning by Dancers Featured on


Dance To Get Fit

By Marlene Rego

Three dance-inspired moves you can do at home for a toned body.

Who doesn’t envy a dancer’s body? All that movement does wonders for the physique and fitness buffs are starting to catch on. Eva Redpath, a Toronto-based personal trainer, uses over 20 years of dance experience to whip her classes into shape. “Dance-based workouts condition by building a solid core – the primary focus of a dancer’s strength,” she says. Here, she offers three moves you can try at home for tighter abs and better balance.

1) Ballet-inspired Plies
What it targets: Inner and outer thighs, quads and glutes.

• With feet wide apart stand with toes pointing outward, placing hands on hips.

• Bend legs into the depth of the plie so that your quad, knee and shins form a 90 degree angle. Make sure the knees don’t go over the toes.

• Hold for three counts and slowly stretch to standing for one count. You can time these counts with the beat of the music.

• Make it a slow and controlled movement. Moving slowly forces the muscle to work hard and build strength.

• Repeat the movement for three sets of eight repetitions.

2) Heel raises
What it targets: Calves, core stability and balance.

• Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, placing your hands on the hips for balance.

• Raise your body onto the balls of your feet. Hold and slowly lower down making sure to keep ankles inline when pressing onto the ball of foot.

• Repeat the movement for three sets of 16 heel raises.

Music variation:
Rise up for one count, hold for eight counts. Test your balance by looking right for four counts, left for four counts, then lower down for one count.

3) Penche
What it targets: Hamstrings, glutes, back, arms, and core.

• Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

• Extend your left leg behind you, keeping it straight and the foot stretched.

• Hinge at hips as you lower your upper body, bringing your back leg towards the ceiling. Reach the left arm forward, keeping it inline with the body. Reach your right arm out to the side.

• Try to keep the leg and back as straight as possible. Hinge forward until your upper body and leg become parallel to the floor and hold.

• Slowly raise your body and leg back to the starting position, keeping your hips square and drawing the belly button to the spine.

• Repeat the movement for three sets of eight and switch legs.

Eva Redpath Featured in Glow

Eva Redpath Featured in Glow

Click here to see the full article.

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Eva Redpath


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