February’s Healthy Lifestyles Newsletter

Welcome to my monthly newsletter.  You can now look forward to my fitness and nutrition tips and motivation in its new Video Format.

This Month’s Topics:

1) NUTRITION: Tips from Expert Meghan Ford – How To Build a Healthy Meal

2) FITNESS:  Exercise of the Month – Push Up Twist Kickback Combo

3) WELLNESS – The 21 Day Challenge

4) NEWS – Sexy Dance Workshop – Sure to heat things up just in time for Valentines Day!


Tips from Meghan Ford – How To Build a Healthy Meal

Here are the 4 items that every meal should include:

  1. A complex carbohydrate. Complex carbs will provide long lasting energy and are rich in many nutrients and fibre.  Example: whole grain wild rice
  2. A quality source of protein.  Protein keeps blood sugar balanced which will keep you satisfied for longer allowing for less cravings for sweet foods later in the day.  Example: chickpeas which are a great vegetarian source of protein and they contrast nicely with the rice in both texture and colour.
  3. Good fat. Avoid the cheap processed fats and oils and choose a healthy oil that will provide flavour to the meal as well as it’s good for inflammation and is a brain food.  Example: olive oil vinaigrette but flaxseed oil would be another great choice.
  4. Vegetables. Possibly the important and oftentimes overlooked.  Rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals.  Example: diced red pepper and shredded spinach.  Be creative with your veggies, choose different colours and textures to make your meals more exciting.

That’s how easy it is to build a delicious and truly complete meal.

More information at www.NutritiousMeg.com


Exercise of the Month – Push Up Twist Kickback Combo

*As seen on video

a)Push up

b)Twist with weight reaching to ceiling

c)Return to plank position

d)Tricep Kickback


21 Day Challenge – Read the Inspiring Stories Here:



Eva Redpath's Girlicious Workshop

Eva Redpath's Girlicious Workshop

To Register Click Here

*   *   *   *   *

A Little Encouragement To Live By In February:

Knowing that life is full of choices and that you have the power to make a change, there is a statement I challenge you to live by this month:

“I am responsible, and I choose to take an active role in creating change”

When it comes to your health and well being take responsibility and choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

If you like what you are seeing, tried last months tips, then please take a minute and let me know…

Be well,




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2 Responses to “February’s Healthy Lifestyles Newsletter”

  1. Cathy Current Says:

    Hey Eva, I hope you’re well. I ended up trying your Aloe Vera Juice detox, and thought it worked really well. Take care, Cathy 🙂

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