June’s Healthy Lifestyles Video Blog w Eva Redpath

Welcome to my monthly newsletter.  You can now look forward to my fitness and nutrition tips and motivation in its new Video Format.

This Month’s Topics:

1) NUTRITION: Breakfast – In 10 Minutes or Less

2) FITNESS:  Exercise of the Month – Mountain Climber Twist with Hold

3) WELLNESS:  Meet My Massage Therapist Dan Crystal

4) NEWS:  LuluLemon & I, BCBD 10 Week Summer Session Dates


ATTN: All you breakfast skippers out there. I’ve got a bone to pick with you! Don’t do it. Eating breakfast sets the tone for the day.

The metabolism needs a kick start in the morning after hours of rest and slowing down. Those who skip breakfast are so hungry by lunch that they eat EVERYTHING in sight. Not good for the metabolism.

Plus, between you and me – skipping breakfast makes you grouchy – start the day with a healthy breakfast and function better at work, or use the energy to take over the world.

Breakfast in 10 Minutes or Less:

Natures Path Organic Hot Oatmeal
Available in most Metros and Noahs Health Food Stores

To Prepare:
Simply empty packet into bowl, add boiling water and enjoy!

With delicious flavors like: Apple Cinnamon, Maple Nut, Multigrain Raisin Spice, Cranberry Ginger and my fav Flax Plus (Tip: Add fresh banana slices)

No More Excuses – make the time to start the day right!


Exercise of the Month – Mountain Climber Twist and Hold    *As seen on video
Start: Place yourself in the basic push-up position with your arms in line with your chest and your legs extended outward.

a) Draw: 1 knee at a time to opposite elbow, return it to the starting position
b) Hold: Knee onto a slightly bent elbow, hold for 8 counts.

You can increase your overall stamina and core strength by doing the mountain climber.


My Registered Massage Therapist. Dan Crystal.

Why Should We Get Massages Regularly?

The body is like a machine, and massage is the oil that keeps the machine running.

Why Should Active People Especially get Massages?

While exercise tightens and tones the muscles, stretching relaxes them, but not as much as massage, which allows muscles a full relaxation.

Quote the video when you make an appointment and receive 15 minutes free on your first massage.

Dan Crystal 416 434 2776



Lululemon and I

I am excited to announce that I am now a lululemon Ambassador for the Bloor street location. The lululemon ambassador program is extended to unique individuals in our store communities who embody the lululemon lifestyle and live the culture. I’m honoured to be a part of the amazing team.

Summer 10 Week Session of Body Conditioning by Dancers

Body Conditioning by Dancers challenges and inspires women to reach their fitness goals!

Summer session starts the Week of June 13th to August 22nd.

Registration Now Open


*   *   *   *   *

A Little Encouragement To Live By In June:

Successful people replace the words “wish” “should” and “try” with I will!

If there is something that you thought about doing, I encourage you to create the possibility that you can have it, as long as you believe you can.

If you like what you are seeing, tried last months tips, then please take a minute and let me know…

Be well,

Eva Redpath



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