August’s Healthy Lifestyles Video Blog w Eva Redpath

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This Month’s Topics:

1) NUTRITION: Snack Time – Pre Package Your Snacks

2) FITNESS:  Exercise of the Month – Quad Exercise

3) WELLNESS:  Sleeping Tips

4) NEWS: Mid Month Motivation,  Body Conditioning by Dancers September 8 Week Session Dates


Do you ever find yourself in line at your favorite coffee shop, eyeing the treats in the display?

Snacking on baked goods like those can be detrimental to your healthy diets. Once and a while as a treat, yes, but everyday as your snack, no!

A great tip is to pre package your snacks.

I always tell my clients to fall in love with snack sized Tupperware.

On shopping days choose your snacks for the week, when you get home immediately section your treats into your snack sized Tupperware and store your snacks for the week in the cupboard  or the fridge.

That way in the morning on your way out the door, if you don’t have time to pack a lunch, in the very least you can grab your snacks and toss them in your bag.

So when you are standing in line for your Starbucks, you know you are going to enjoy your pre packed healthy Shasha cookies with your coffee, not that chocolate chip cookie in the display!

Preparation conquers temptation!


Exercise of the Month – Squat Choreography   *As seen on video


Sleeping Tips: 1 in 7 are effected with sleeping problems, be it not being able to get to sleep or stay a sleep. Before you are prescribed with any sleeping pills consider trying the following.

Sleeping Tips

1- Make sure your bed, mattress and pillow are high quality, its no good waking up with a cramp in your back or sore neck.

2- Try to create a sleep routine, by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Make the time before sleep a time of piece and quiet, find a routine that relaxes you.

3-Only use the bed for sleep…Do not read in bed, watch tv or do homework

4- When you lay down at night. Breath Deeply Close your eyes, and try taking deep, slow breaths, making each breath even deeper than the last.

5- Give yourself 20 minutes to fall asleep. If you haven’t fallen asleep, get up and go back to bed when you are feeling sleepy

6- Exercise…Aside from many other wonderful mental and physical health benefits, regular exercise can also make it easier to fall asleep and sleep better.

Developing a bedtime routine, creating a better sleep environment, managing following a sleep schedule, and taking better care of your body all set the tone for getting quality rest every night.


Eva Redpath & Robyn Baldwin Bring You...Mid Month Motivation

Eva Redpath & Robyn Baldwin Bring You...Mid Month Motivation


I’ve teamed up with my good Friend, fitness model and competitor Robyn Baldwin to bring you Mid Month Motivation.

We’ll be bringing you Nutrition, Fitness Challenges and Product Review each month.

You can follow us on Twitter @MMMotivation Or Subscribe to our mid month video inspiration at YouTube/MidMonthMotivation

8 Week September Session of Body Conditioning by Dancers

Body Conditioning by Dancers challenges and inspires women to reach their fitness goals! September session starts the Week of September 12th to November 8th

Registration Information

*   *   *   *   *

A Little Encouragement To Live By In June:

Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.

All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs. Change your thoughts, to change your life!

If you like what you are seeing, tried last months tips, then please take a minute and let me know…

Be well,

Eva Redpath


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