Eva Redpath’s Solution to Fitness New Years Resolutions

The most precious asset we have is time, don’t waste it! Make your health a priority this year.

Body Conditioning by Dancers (BCBD) is a womens only program that combines conditioning exercises with dance training principles in a motivating group-class structure, empowering women to achieve their best self through unconventional fitness.
With the New Year around the corner, BCBD is the perfect option for women in Canada’s most active city looking to get or stay healthy in 2011!
January 2011 Session Dates and Details here:

Healthy Lifestyles Tips for the New Year

1. Set Weekly Goals – Focus on realistic short-term fitness goals, with a long term objective in mind.

2. Live Actively – Take the stairs, vs the elevator

-walk home from work
-shovel the driveway and the neighbors
-go skating with friends

There are plenty of FUN ways of staying fit in the city – choose one that interests and excites you.

3. Choose an Accountability Partner – Be it a friend or family member, choose someone reliable, who shares the same goals as you.

4. Make Exercise a Social Event – consider taking a dance class or even a women’s fitness class with your girls. This is one of the most motivating and encouraging ways of sticking with your new years resolutions!

5. Watch Your Diet: Since exercise is only 70% of the equation, remember to

-drink lots of water
-always eat breakfast
-watch portion control
-try to pack your lunches and snacks so you don’t revert to unhealthy choices when you are not prepared.
-choose to eat Whole Natural Foods
(whole grains, beans, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish and chicken)

6. Reward Yourself and Celebrate Your Successes – In order to motivate yourself to achieve your goals reward yourself and celebrate! Remember enjoying the journey, leads to the fulfillment of the destination.

If you can set aside the time to exercise wonderful, if you can’t in the very least, you can do

The 16 Minute Commercial Workout

The exercise program you can put yourself through during the commercial breaks of your hour long TV program.

Oh So Cosmo’s At Home Program

Here’s what you need:

  1. Open space, such as your living room floor
  2. Skipping rope ($5)
  3. Mat ($15)
  4. Ball ($25)
  5. Music (Ipod)

Exercises Per Commercial Break:

Cardio: Skipping ropes (with foot work)
Legs: Standing Squats (feet parallel, 2nd position)
Arms: Pushups  (Center and elbow, elbow, hand, hand)
Core: Plank (Center and Side)

For more expert fitness advice from Eva, consider joining Body Conditioning by Dancers

An eight-week ‘boot-camp’ inspired package, including one or two fitness classes a week, a BCBD healthy eating guidelines book and an e-newsletter with nutrition and fitness tips. Featured in the January session is a 21 Day Challenge designed to inspire you to start making the right choices towards living a healthy lifestyle. Including expert advice in – Fitness, Nutrition, Goal Coaching & More. A FREE challenge with many great prizes up for grabs, including two 8 week sessions of BCBD.

January 2011 Session Dates and Details here:

We are looking forward to an amazing first session of 2011 we hope you’ll consider joining us.
Questions? Email: eva@evaredpath.com
Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season, see you in the New Year!


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