21 Day Challenge – Week Two

Week Two

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When you believe in yourself you have the first secret of success.

Thank you for taking part in the 21 Day Challenge, wishing you the best of luck for your second week. Read each others entries, be inspired and know that you are not alone in this journey. I am proud of you all!

With love



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26 Responses to “21 Day Challenge – Week Two”

  1. Sara Says:

    Week two! I am really hoping week two will be much better than week one!!! My first week was not as successful as I was hoping it would be. I did manage to almost completely cut out sugar and only ate a tiny bit of a chocolate bar my husband was eating! Other than that, I felt quite slow and sluggish and wasn’t feeling motivated. This week I am hoping to do better. I finally took my measurements yesterday and wrote them down with the date. Now I can begin to really focus on my goal. I am hoping to lose some inches in my hips and waist. I really think I can do it. I’ve never done measurements before and it really feels like a good challenge for me. I think in order to get the results I want, however, I need to add another day of cardio. I am looking into some classes as we speak and hope to find something soon. Otherwise, I will attempt the meditation this week, eat more greens and be more positive. Good luck to everyone!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I had my first weekend of module II teacher training. It was an incredible weekend. I am very sore right now, but it feels so good! I am extremely happy with my decision to do the training now instead of waiting until after my baby is born. I spent two days with my classmates who are inspired by my motivation and passion. What an amazing feeling, to inspire others.

    I have been listening to the meditation every night before I go to bed. The first two nights I found that I was telling myself to relax, and listen to what she was saying. Since then it has been amazing! I am pretty close to being fast asleep before it is even done. I still wake up at night, but that is due to baby kicking up a storm 🙂

    My father in law – who does not know that I am taking part in this 21 day challenge sent me an article last week, “Running Pregnant”. It was just what I needed to read. I didn’t run last week – shame on me, but this week it WILL happen. I have no excuse, I live in a condo with an amazing gym!

  3. Dawna M Says:

    21 Day Challenge Week Two

    Slow start, but a start nonetheless…. I’ve restated my goals for this challenge so that they are S.M.A.R.T.er, then incorporated them into my shedule and daily tasks as appropriate:

    1) Cook at home more –> Prepare at least 2 out of 3 meals at home, at least 4 days a week.
    – Last week was great…went grocery shopping and prepare some of the foods in advance (i.e. washed lettuce, seperated chicken into meal sized portions, etc.)

    2) Drink More Water -> Drink 1 cup when I wake up, go to bed, with each meal and after every workout…every day.
    – Doing this takes care of the “less juice” goal simply by default. That’s ALOT of fluids for me, yet I realize Iprobably need more given my level of activity.
    – I walk with water (and will soon know the locatoin of every bathroom in the city!)

    3) Meditate –> Use the guided meditation audio Natalie Roy made for this challenge, at least once a week.
    – I’ve downloaded this to my iPhone (where I listen to everything)
    – Haven’t yet decided what time of day or when in the week I’ll do it, but I’ll play around and see what works best.

    4) Practice Yoga –> Practice a short series (i.e. Sun Slautation) for at least 10 minutes, 3 times per week.

    5) Avoid Self Sabotage – Hmmm…probably too general for a “goal” per se, but I think this challenge will help this and mapping out my personal and profesional goals
    – I’ll be reviewing what Susan from Elite, outlined in the challenge booklet.

    So…that’s it….got my challenge goals better stated so I can break them down and get moving on them. This week is looking beter already! 🙂

    Dawna M

  4. SG Says:

    Hi Everyone. So week 1 of the challenge went pretty well. I tried to incorporate my goals. I had lemon water 3 mornings this week. I bought fresh lemons on the weekend and left a jug out on the counter with sliced lemon and ice water in it. It was actually a big hit with my family too! So that helps me have some every morning.

    I ate junk before bed… only a few times… still trying to stop myself from craving food late at night. Any suggestions?

    I think I need to be realistic and allow myself a cheat day or two, or at least a cheat meal or two. Like Friday or Saturday dinner.

    I’ve been keeping a food/fitness diary where I note down what I’ve eaten and what activity/work out I have done. It helps me see if I am getting enough work outs in per week as well as eating healthy options. I started to highlight the junk food – and lately there has been tooooooo much lighting going on. Seeing it on paper helped me make the conscious choice to be more careful.

    I have been trying to track down Greek Yogurt to try that tip from Eva – the greek yogurt blended with mango. But loblaws and longos didn’t have any! There was something called Liberte Mediterrainee yogurt, but not sure if that’s the same as greek. Does anyone know the difference?

    I also got in 4 workouts last week, so I was happy about that. On to week 2!

  5. EEZ Says:

    Week 2 update:
    In my efforts to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle I started taking the stairs up to my apartment. Its only 6 flights but they sure are steep! I have also incorporated lemon water into my morning routine which starts my day off right.

    I am going to continue with the changes I have already made, and for week 2 I am going to focus on portion control. I would also like to work on getting more sleep because I find that when I am tired I tend to eat more (and hence portion control goes out the window). And finally, And more exercise. Good luck to all this week in accomplishing your goals:)

  6. Michelle s Says:

    Change the way you look at food, change the way you eat.

    I battled with my weight for most of life and used to be very cautious about what I ate. Ironically, I’m in better shape now that I don’t give it as much thought. I want to share a tip with everybody and I hope it helps you the way it has helped me:

    Don’t deprive yourself.

    When I used to diet and not allow myself chocolate and sweets and carbs etc I really wanted them. If I slipped up, I would go overboard! my mentality was “I messed up my diet I might as well have a good time” and I’d eat way too much or i’d eat a plethora of fattening food. Then I’d feel bad about it and be even stricter about what I ate for the rest of the week, and ultimately cave again and the cycle continued- for years.

    When I was 14 I lost 20 pounds. I was afraid I’d gain it all back if I wasn’t “careful”. I constantly deprived myself of the food I wanted, and I wasn’t really satisfied. Although I never gained all the weight back, my weight fluctuated constantly. In my early 20s I was 7 pounds heavier or 3 pounds lighter than my desired weight.

    All the energy i was putting into food was proving to be counterproductive. So
    4 years ago I decided to stop caring so much and eat what I want. It’s one of the better decisions that I’ve made.

    Ever since I stopped depriving myself of yummy food, it suddenly isn’t as tempting anymore. I keep a bag of Hershey’s kisses in a drawer in the kitchen. If I want chocolate I’ll have one and I’m good. I eait it slow and savour it and I’m satisfied. The bag lasts for months. When I was depriving myself of this I’d eat half the bag.

    But I have a different attitude toward food now. Eating something tasty isn’t “cheating”, it’s enjoying the food I have a taste for.

    I can honestly say that since I changed my perception of food and put an end to self deprivation, my weight has been consistent and I feel better about myself too.

    I hope this is helpful.

  7. Michelle s Says:

    week 2.

    This challenge is making me more productive and I’m happy to be taking part in it. I’ve been meeting some of my goals.

    I’ve been drinking the 16 oz jar of water at east 3 times a day. In the morning I drink it with emergen-C. My first few days I had to choke the second and third jar down, but now it’s getting easier! I think this is a something I can implement into my daily routine.

    I’ve made a conscious effort to be more active. I’ve been wearing my ankle weights around the house, and going up and down the stairs at least 20 times a day. Unfortunately my quads were so sore from BCBD that I almost FELL down the stairs saturday morning so I took a break from the weights for the day. I’ve stayed true to my word about walking to the next bus stop too – even in this freezing weather! I’m pleased with myself for sticking to my guns, and I’ve saved a lot of money by not taking cabs.

    I haven’t made a daily schedule yet– this will take time. I’m taking steps to get into a routine. I’ve been putting more tasks into my blackberry calendar, and I’ve been making a conscious effort to get more things done each day. My goal is to have an actual schedule in writing for each day. This week I hope to start doing this.

    I spoke about self defeating behavior- something I’m trying to put an end to. I’m becoming more aware of things that hold me back from taking on challenges, and I’m trying to find ways to change bad habits.

    I have a success story to share:

    One thing that i’ve never understood about myself is my performance anxiety. I don’t have stage fright, but I always buckle under pressure. I like to sing karaoke and have noticed that I’m significantly better when I sing at home alone than when I’m front of people. I realized it’s because I hold myself back in fear of my voice cracking when I there’s an audience. I decided this is a ridiculous thing to worry about- especially at karaoke, it’s not like it’s my debut as an artist!
    Last wednesday I went out singing and I let her rip! I sang like I do when nobody’s watching! And nothing bad happened! In fact I was pretty darn good 🙂

  8. Allison Says:

    Week 2 update:

    Managed to sit still for the WHOLE meditation and didn’t even try to multitask, a big step for me! Really enjoyed it and felt very calm. I have not been able to always carry that calmness through the ensuing days with me though, that is my next goal! Also, I must add protein to more meals, I eat really well, bring my lunches, the works, but protein…you are a tricky one for me!!! Body goals are staying in check, feeling good!!!

  9. Dawna M Says:

    Salad Dressing Recipies…

    Anyone have any favourites they’d like to share?

    I had one once that I can’t find now and I loved it! All I remember is that it had parmesean cheese in it! lol!


    • V "eh" G Says:

      I really like Lemon juice and olive oil. Sounds boring and ho hum, but stir in salt and pepper and then add to a bowl of nice mixed greens or arugula and garnish with red onion and fresh grated Parm, Asiago or Pecorino and you have yourself a bowl full of OM NOM NOM.

      The recipe is easy, mix 3 parts olive oil w/ one part lemon juice and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Another variation is to add in one part of Dijon mustard for a bit of a kick.

  10. Lindsay Says:

    Week one had a few hurdles, but I think I managed them ok! One day I brought a lunch to work and was very excited about it. (a soup my dad made…I asked what was in it and he just said “ham, veggies, etc” he didn’t inform me about the barley which I can’t have because of the gluten intolerance) Anyways…that hurt my stomach but instead of wasting the second frozen package I had of it, I gave it to a co-worker who had it for two lunches. 🙂 A couple days later an old co-worker had dropped by to say hi…with cookies. I decided to let myself have 1. It was good, but that was enough. The cookies were still in the office the next two days and I managed to not eat anymore! And I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of them.

    Working out was hard as I hurt my back the week before, but I still went to all 3 of my classes and just modified where needed. Felt good to still get out and workout.

    I like Sara did my measurments. Even in the one week of cutting down sugar and the foods I’m not supposed to eat I noticed a difference in a jacket and pair of pants. I couldn’t do up the button on the jacket a few months ago and I’m wearing it today and it does up with some breathing room! Plus I should be wearing a belt with the jeans 😉

    Week 2 is already starting better but my sleep is still bad. going to try the meditation!


  11. V "eh" G Says:

    Week Two…The Good, The Bad and the Ugly…

    And so here it is, week two of the challenge – First of a HUGE Thank You to Eva and all the amazing women who have donated their time and knowledge, I know I couldn’t do this without your inspiration.

    The Good:

    It’s week two and I have still managed to stick with my new and improved diet. It hasn’t been easy, but I am actually starting to enjoy a whole new array of vegetables that I previously had snubbed. I also am noticing that not eating overly processed foods is almost re-setting my palate as I find myself reaching less for the overly salty or sugary foods and enjoying the natural taste of what is on my plate. And OMFG I have to say, unpasteurized cheese is quite possibly the best thing I have ever tasted. I swear Velveeta is dead to me.

    I have also been really good about drinking lemon water in the morning and only water and herbal tea during the day – added bonus I’ve noticed my skin is actually a lot less dry. I had two moments of weakness and treated myself to Coke Zero (it’s at least sliiiiiightly better than Diet Coke right?), but to go from 2 a day to one a week is a win in my books, so I’m counting it as a success. And Thank you to Michelle S. for the smart suggestion to eat before client lunches, I have started keeping Larabars in my desk and found that noshing on them an hour before I go to lunch does make it much easier to pass on the heavier entrees.

    The Bad:

    So um yoga…..I tried, I really did, but I think I’m going to need some time w/ this one. I mean it’s not all bad, I like the fun stretchy stuff and most of the balance exercises, but I find a lot of the moves hurt my wrists, shoulders and neck. I have the same issue when I try and do push ups, and I know I have a hard time keeping my shoulders pressed back and down so hopefully it will come as I get stronger.

    In other “Bad-ness”, the evil weather last week quashed any and all motivation to make it across the city to my gym. I’ve been falling out of love with my gym for a while now so when something like an “Extreme Weather Alert” happens it’s really easy for me to cancel my classes and fall off the wagon. But I am determined to not fall into the couch rut, so as a compromise I still walked to and from work every day and on days where the gym got the axe I made sure that I did at least 30 minutes of Pilates, kettlebells or cardio (via my Wii) to make sure I stayed on track. All in all I managed to squeeze in a workout aside from my regular walking 6/7 Days last week, so this week my goal is to do something 7/7 days.

    The Ugly:

    Dear Meditation, It’s not you, it’s me. No really. I really want us to have a future together, really I do, and I thought we were getting along so well there in the beginning. But then somewhere between the weightlessness and that beach my mind had other plans and suddenly I found myself wondering if I had remembered to pay the cable bill and what I needed to get at the grocery store, why was the sky blue? Why was water wet? Well you get the point. But I made it halfway through which is a feat all on it’s own. I think this week I am going to try doing the meditation before I go to bed, when my mind has (hopefully) slowed down.

    Another not so pretty outcomes of last week will be what I refer to as “The Hershey Make-out” episode. Being holed up in my apartment all weekend with a bag of Hershey kisses was just a cruel twist of fate as far as I am concerned. Although only Friday and Saturday are my designated treat days, I just couldn’t resist finishing off the bag Sunday night. This week I am checking all the cupboards and if I find any other bags of rogue candy they are being evicted to prevent any future episodes.

    And body measurements – EEEEEEK!!! I took my measurements at the beginning of last week and man it was not pretty. I’m not delusional, I know that I am of the larger female variety, but years of pouring my muffin top into the size I perceived myself to be really clouded my judgment. I was alarmed by my waist circumference as I know it surpasses what is considered to be healthy, but hopefully this is enough motivation for me to stay diligent and not seek comfort in large pizzas.

    Looking back I would say I had a pretty good week overall, sure there were some not so awesome things, but I’m only human. I need to stay positive and motivated, so beating myself up for “faliures” isn’t an option. Instead I need to keep focused and really ask myself why it was a “failure” or what I could have done differently to help it be a more positive experience.
    New goals for this week are to eat more protein, incorporate yoga into my weekly regime at least twice and to do at least one form of exercise for pleasure rather than out of obligation. Oh and to stop dreaming of steak frites.


  12. Hannah Says:

    Hey! Thanks for your honesty! It was a joy to read your entry!

    As for the coke issue, I had the same problem a few years ago, and now I never drink the chemical cocktail. Stay with it! Believe it or not, some day you will not even like the stuff. I know it sounds crazy, but it happens.

  13. Hannah Says:

    Oh, I forgot to add, when you mix Cran juice with fizzy water, it takes the edge off the cravings for other pop.

  14. Bonnie Says:

    Week two hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped, as I fractured/sprained my thumb on the weekend. Physical activity has been difficult, but I have tried to walk or take stairs when possible. Also, preparing food has been more of a challenge. I’ve enjoyed a few more salads than usual, which has been good. Next week will be better!

  15. Becca Says:

    Week 2 – I kicked coffee, horrrayy! I have replaced my 2 coffees a day with 1 green or white tea in the morning. Who knew that Davids Tea would solve all my problems?
    As for chocolate for my goal in eliminating chocolate, I have made some adjustments. I have baked bite sized chocolate chip cookies that I keep in my freezer, and if I exercise that day, I allow myself a cookie! Whether it be a yoga class, evas class, or a run, I decided that if I work hard enough, I deserve a treat. And this way, I don’t end up eating the entire bag of chocolate chips at the end of the week!
    I have started off 2011 feeling healthy, active, and motivated. Although I have yet to start eating regular meals throughout the day, I am taking the steps in the right direction, started making the effort to buy groceries, and have a positive outlook for week 3. Although these changes were minor, they have truly made an impact on how easy it is to make these slight adjustments in my life that allow for a more balanced lifestyle.
    Goodluck everyone, and keep up these amazing and inspiring posts 🙂

  16. Rachelle Says:

    Week 2

    I am doing okay this week- not great by any means. For me, keeping a journal is the most difficult goal I have ever set for myself. My poor journal has been sitting there all alone only to have been written in twice. So bad!! So my goal for this week is to write in the damn thing every day and start taking accountability for my actions.
    So good things:
    I have walked to my classes every day. I have added more veggies and fruit to my diet. I have not had any pop to drink- which is a big deal for me and I have cut down on the amount of juice I drink significantly. (That one is still a work in progress) I drink water every day and carry around my water bottle with me.

    So here is where “V” would say the bad and the ugly come in.

    I have not done the 20 minutes of exercise a day that I said I would do. I have been living more ‘actively’ but I still need to focus on getting in that 20minutes. I know it will make me feel better…

    My cooking has now reached heightened levels of inadequacy. As you know from reading my first entry – I tend to light things on fire in the kitchen when I’m cooking.
    Well ladies I have reached a new low.
    I was able to let my hard boiled eggs catch on fire… How is that possible- one might ask… Well I’ll tell you. I was emailing Marlee and telling her about my challenges this week and totally did not pay attention to the fact that I was boiling water with eggs in it… By the time I finished the email I looked over into the kitchen and there was a loud popping sound and my eggs were on fire because all the water had boiled down. So in total this week I have burned pasta to the bottom of the pot as well as rice and I have ignited eggs … I am a liability in the kitchen.
    My boyfriend is going to be extremely disappointed- well maybe a little bit more ashamed than anything else.

    Good things… Well I am cooking my food!!- even though it tastes bad. And I’ve added green vegetables and haven’t screwed them up yet.

    Next week is going to be a WAY better week for me. I’m going to journal and try really hard not to burn my food.

    Keep up the good work ladies. Your journal entries are fantastic.
    See you in class!


  17. Karleigh Says:

    This week has been going well. I have been putting lemon in my water every morning and drinking less coffee. I have found that when mid-afternoon rolls around I am struggling to stay awake. This is when I used to chug back a triple latte of a cup of coffee (or two), but this week I have tried to have a snack with a mix of protein and carbs (pita with hummus, crackers with peanut butter and banana) and I find it helps.

    Week one I was able to work out everyday of the week. This week was not as successful. My body felt fatigued and weak and I could tell it was not excited when I forced it to sit in a squat and hold at the bottom of a push up.

    The good thing about working out more often is that I haven’t been sore the way that I have been in the past. The barley able to walk and seeing stairs and wanting to cry knowing I have to climb them has not been an issue. It has been more like when I finish the climb I fell a burn as though I’ve just climbed a mountain instead of a set of stairs.

    I feel that the 21 Day Challenge has given my motivation not only for health but for person goals as well. Since starting the challenge I have found that I am more alert and able to concentrate (except between the 1-3pm… apparently thats nap time). I have started a new series of blog posts which I have been researching and testing products for, I have started creating a website, I have gone through all the photos from the past year and a half (about 8000) and chosen the once I want to put into my portfolio, as well as other work projects here and there. It has been a great two weeks and an excellent beginning of the new year so far. I am excited to continue successes through out the year!

    Next week I am going to try to work out every day again, for the final week! I am going to continue with healthy eating and try to incorporate more of the tips, I have kind of been focusing on the same ones each day. I will have to plan my meals better to be able to focus on each tip, but I think I will be able to do it by choosing the tip the night before and plan it before I start the day.

    I enjoy reading through all the blog posts. It really helps to stay motivated being able to see other women doing the same thing. Especially when I am having a hard time and want to scarf down as many snickers bars as I can with a pot of coffee to drink. I used to see set back as failures and give up, but being able to see that I am not the only one who struggles lets me dust it off and keep moving forward. Posting has helped as well… when I’m in the store about to reach for those handfuls of snickers bars I stop and think, do I want to have to write down that I did this? Clearly the answer is no, so the snickers bars have to wait for somebody else to give them a new home.

  18. Julianna Yu Says:

    Looking back at Week 1, the hardest part was probably the first day – knowing that it marks the end to my chocolate feasting.  I kept seeing this one chocolate bar on the first day and decided to finally hide it until I could give it away (which I did, the next day).  Since then, it’s been pretty good. At the end of my first week, my spirits were high, I was feeling really proud that the first week flew by and I managed to eat and make most of my meals (I made cabbage rolls last sunday!) and kept up with the healthy snacking.   

    I don’t feel like I’m craving anything anymore.  I attribute this to eating breakfast in the morning (not at work but at home if I can) and regular snacking (nut bars, apples, oranges, blueberries) between my meals.  Instead, I’m either hungry, very hungry or full.  And I try to avoid the very hungry.  One day this week, I had a training session in another building then the one I work in and I had left my snacks at my desk. The training room only had pastries so I didn’t touch any.  When I got back to my building, I was lightheaded (5 hours had passed since breakfast) and had my snacks right away. I felt better after but will try to make sure I always have some snacks on me for times like that.

    I’m really loving lemon water. At the start of the week I slice up a lemon and just grab a slice everytime I fill up my mug with water. I started having it last week but this week I’ve been trying to have it first thing in the morning before breakfast. It’s been hard for me to do this because I usually don’t get up early enough to do both.  I’m going to try to get up earlier next week so I can have lemon water and my breakfast at home.

    Meditation has been mixed for me, I kept procrastinating with it and finally decided one night that I was going to go to bed early to do it.  When I started picturing the light by my body, I was having a hard time focusing because the image in my mind of myself didn’t look like me and I started to get distracted by that instead of focusing on what was being said.  Finally I managed to focus on her words and then before I knew it, the recording was done and I was dozing off. haha  

    Since I’m not snacking on chocolate, chips or cake, I’ve been eating nut bars. One of my favourite snacks are Taste of Nature bars. My favourites are Quebec Cranberry Festival, Brazillian Nut fiesta and California Almond Valley.  They are (sweetened with agave nectar and brown rice syrup.  http://www.tasteofnature.ca/  You can find them at grocery stores and health food stores.

    My biggest hurdles right now are journalling and meditation, it’s really easy to procrastinate on both of these but I’d like to break that habit. I’m hoping to see some progress in this area this coming up week.

    Woohoo! Week 2 is almost done! So great to hear everyone’s updates. 🙂

  19. Vanessa Says:

    Thoughts on the first week:

    I think I feel really good about the goals I picked (no coffee; 2 litres of water a day; meditation once a week; eating slower; lemon water every morning). I think they were reasonable ones for me to do, and while they aren’t the most drastic, they will help provide very positive changes to my health.

    So how have I been doing?

    I haven’t had coffee all week. I felt pretty gross starting out with all the caffeine withdrawal headaches, but it’s been getting better. I’ve been having some green tea for the adjustment period but in the future I’d like to move down to decaffeinated ones. I already feel better from not being dependent on coffee.

    Lemon water every morning has been happening! I feel great about that.

    I did the meditation and feel like my visualization abilities have weakened a bit, but perhaps I was just a bit unfocused. I’ll see how it goes this week.

    I have to admit that while I’ve been coming close to drinking 2 litres of water a day, it didn’t happen every day. BUT I never drank less than one litre each day this week and for me that’s really good. I’ll definitely try harder to reach that goal of 2 litres.

    And… well, the eating slower thing has been probably the hardest, surprisingly. Although one meal I was eating I had to reheat 4 times because I was eating it so slowly. That was good. But I am still eating WAY too fast. I just scarf it all down… and I need to just take it easy and chew! Sounds so simple, but it’s extremely hard for me to do!

    Anyway, great work everyone! We’re all doing awesome. 🙂

  20. Katie Says:

    I meant to do this earlier but days just got away from me!
    This challenge has been going quite well for me thus far.
    I’ve added a new tea into my diet, drinking water like it’s going out of style, lots more greens & been pretty successful with keeping sugar out for the most part (substituting instant oats for organic oats sweetened with maple syrup & fruit), a few bad sweets here & there but nothing detrimental to the rest of the time.
    I’ve been busy doing well at work, seeing my best friends, making time for me & the things I love to do. Now if only my room get clean!
    There are a few more things I’d like to have time for such as reading & writing, so that’ll be what I’m shooting for in week 3… more reading & writing. Book report will be supplied 😉

  21. Perseverance Says:

    Week 2 updates….

    Well – it has been a pretty rough week 2…it was very difficult to stay on track. Work was demanding which led me to consume more coffee than I normally do. I didn’t plan out my meals very well which led me to eat out more than planned and for some reason I had crazy chocolate and red wine cravings…I think you get the idea…an overall bad week.

    The only thing I managed to really stick to was my fitness goals. I worked out four times this past week (two BCBD classes and two spinning classes). Drinking 8 glasses of water and adding lemon to it was a challenge again in week 2. I really tried to meditate but that didn’t last long at all…similar to V “eh” G, instead of focusing on my breathing and everything else Natalie was saying, I used that time to think about my deadlines at work and how I was going to tackle my “to do” list.

    Last week’s debacle is this week’s motivation. I really don’t want to be sharing another disappointing story by the end of week 3. This week, I’m getting my act together and doing the following:
    1.Work out five times a week (big focus – getting through Eva’s ponche track without stopping. I’m so exhausted by that point, I keep on letting my legs drop during the plank)
    2.Drink 8 glasses of water a day,
    3.Eat protein and greens with every meal,
    4.Take a multi-vitamin daily,
    5.Meditate twice this week before going to bed.

    Good luck ladies with week 3!!

    P.S. My buttocks is really feeling sore from that new track!!!

  22. Serah Says:

    Week 2 (a little late because the internet was down at my house this wkend)

    Inspired after the Lululemon shop night when we were challenged to do “one thing that scares you”. I decided that this year, I would take action and try and conquer one of my biggest fears, public speaking and presenting! By nature, I am shy and introverted and feel more comfortable writing and listening to others talk. I have to admit that even we do our negative/positive check ins every class, I still get nervous (even after 2 years+ of doing this). Impromptu thinking is really terrifying for me, so I quickly rehearse in my head what I’m going to say before my positive/negative check in… and since I’m a scatter brain, it usually doesn’t come out coherent.

    Anyway, to conquer my fear I enrolled in a public speaking class.. in my first class had to come up with 3-min speech on the spot. I didn’t even realize to the degree how bad my “limiting beliefs” were… that voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough… and I really had to confront them when I went up there to present. Prior to my turn, I was really freaking out and literally wanted to leave… I got through it (talked 3-mins about why breakfast is important, haha) and after wards confessed to the whole class that I had a lot of negative thoughts of failure running through my mind. When I was up there, it felt like I was having an out of body experience… Me watching myself present, so I was more focused and distracted on what the audience was thinking and what I looked like up there, rather than what I was supposed to say. The teacher made me voice all my fears to the entire class… so I was saying stuff like, “they’re never going to take me seriously cuz of my voice and what I’m wearing”, “they’re going to be bored”, etc. After I shared, I had positive comments from my classmates which were really encouraging… one lady said I had a great smile 🙂 and also other ppl shared their fears and physiological nervous reactions to public speaking.. it feels less lonely when you’re not the only one who thinks they’re neurotic sometimes… it’s a great way to find support/encouragement in a community that shares these feelings… like what we’re doing here in this 21-day challenge. Thanks Eva and experts!

    I wanted to share this breathing exercise I learned, because I was breathing erratically and it’s a good thing to practice when you’re super stressed about anything.. and at the end of the exercise… my breath felt more “centered” and I felt more balanced and relaxed. She had us close our eyes, concentrate and try to visualize how our breath enters and leaves our body. She had us imagine our lungs were like two deflated balloons, instructing us to inhale deeply, allowing our ribs and lungs expand. I’m not sure if this is scientifically possible, but I felt like my left lung was getting more air than my right, and my breaths were shallow, causing me to feel imbalanced. She had us breathe in for 2… Hold for 2… and exhale for 2 counts. After one complete cycle of “rhythmic” breathing (about 5 mins), I felt more calm and less tense.
    Something to consider doing if you’re ever freaking out about anything…

    Quick update on my personal goals:
    1) The no caffeine thing has been easier over the past few days… when I do have my coffee, it tastes much better than having it everyday… and I’ve realized I don’t NEED it to function… it helps… but not necessary.
    2) cutting out sugar was hard… I had my treat days on Sat and Sun… creme brulee on Sat and a dark chocolate cupcake on Sun. Again, treats taste so much better when you’re not constantly indulging. Also, by cutting out white sugary treats, I noticed I wasn’t binging as much as I used to… in addition to adding more protein, like nuts, I feel more full, and my portions are smaller than before.
    3) I’ve been walking home from work about 2 times a week (which is about 5KM). I want to find the time to start running at least once a week.

    Wishing everyone a super week! Be strong 🙂

  23. Cat Says:

    Hey ladies,
    Just finished reading all your updates: good job to everyone so far! I’m late posting this, but didn’t get around to posting what I’d written until now!
    As I imagine most of us are feeling, the week was not an entire success. The most important lesson I’m taking from this is not necessarily to make the change, but to be accountable for it. We aren’t perfect, but knowing the activities we engage in and being aware of the choices we are making is a step in the right direction.
    The week was a bit tough for me specifically because I was away from home and working from our MTL office. Although I was staying at my parents, this is a huge disturbance to a routine, let alone when you are trying to craft a new one!
    I have however managed to: drink lemon water every morning, take my daily vitamins, eat breakfast, and keep up with drinking enough water every day.
    I also tried the meditation for the first time ever. As I mentioned, my mother has been doing meditation for about a year now: she’s been really supportive in me incorporating this into my lifestyle. I tried it on the weekend and was quite surprised by how it made me feel. I’d say the first minute was the most difficult- you really have to convince yourself to stay focused, even to the point of OVER visualising (if that makes sense). After that initial push, I realised I had to stop thinking of how long was left in the tape and just focus on believe I was in front of the images described. The 18 minutes then flew by (they felt like no more than 5)! I’m looking forward to trying it again!
    From a fitness point of view, I wasn’t able to attend BCBD because I was away, but I made a conscious effort to go for a few brisk walks while I was away. I’m going to have to step it up this week though: I’ve just signed up for a 10k run at the end of May (a new GOAL ). This means I’m going to start running twice a week to train. I’m lucky I’ve got a good support system for this- we are 6 girls who’ve signed up for it!
    The hardest thing for me, as I imagined, is trying to go screenless for an hour a day. I’ve been pretty good about the “computer curfew” I’m setting for myself: one thing I’ve noticed is that it definitely makes me go to bed earlier. I’m going to try and combine these two goals by reading before going to bed: could be a tactic! I’ve realised that once of the reasons I don’t sleep well is probably due to my being too plugged in and hyper. Relaxing before bed will hopefully help in my quest to be more rested.
    Finally, I’m still overusing the snooze button :S I’m going to try to be more forceful on myself: this habit is definitely making me feel like I’m not on top of my game… If anyone has any tricks on getting out of bed in the morning, please share them!
    Overall, I’d say that given my travelling, I had an OK week. I’m going to work at specifically improving on the areas involving relaxing and rest this week: I know that without them, I won’t be able to keep incorporating more goals into my routine.
    All the best to everyone!

  24. Michelle s Says:

    week 3.

    This is where my challenge becomes hard. I just moved out of my boyfriends house and into my new place that has a full functional kitchen (my bf’sc place is being renovated.) This means i can begin my candida cleanse this week.

    This cleanse might be the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do. my sister warned me that i’ll go through some crazy mood swings. apparently candida takes over your body and the only way to truly regulate it is to starve it while simultaneously flushing it out of my body. i have been warned that i’m going to start craving sugary foods and will be very unpleasant and uncomfortable for a few weeks. So this is a warning to everybody in my class; I may not be my usual chipper self. I’m pretty excited to do this though. I think all the issues that come with having too much candida is way more unpleasant than any sugar withdrawal I may experience.

    so for the next 6 weeks I can not eat: sugar, dairy, grains, starchy vegetables, most fermented foods, most oils, and a slew of other things. The question is, what can I eat?

    Greens. non homogenized yogurt, blueberries, cinnamon, possibly quinoa, and white meat with very limited seasoning. YUM. i emailed the ladies at the healthy kitchen for some guidance.

    wish me luck!

    As for my other goals: Im still taking stairs as often as possible, walking to the next bus stop, wearing ankle weights. I have been more efficient in planning my days and getting more things done, and am attempting more challenges. i’m taking a creative writing coarse that I’m really excited about, and am considering taking an acting class, because I’ve always told myself that I can not act and I wonder if I can.

    I packed all my stuff on friday and left town for the weekend and enjoyed one of the most hassle free moves I’ve ever had today. This is a far cry from my typical last minute packing! Im quite pleased.

    good luck everybody with the rest of the challenge!

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