21 Day Challenge – Week Three

Week Three

“I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve. This level of resolve can move mountains, but it must be constant and consistent. As simplistic as this may sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their dreams from those who live in regret.”

Thank you for taking part in the 21 Day Challenge, wishing you the best of luck for your third week. I know last week wasn’t easy. Read each others entries, be inspired and know that you are not alone in this journey. I am proud of you all!

With love



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28 Responses to “21 Day Challenge – Week Three”

  1. Sara Says:

    Week three!!! I’m excited for another week of new challenges and am hoping I am able to stay on track. I did manage to fulfill a couple of goals in week two and I am proud of myself for sticking with it 🙂 Here they are:

    I wanted to add another day of cardio so that I am doing three days of fitness every week. And I did it! I took a spin class with my husband and I actually LOVED it. I did find it was really hard on my neck and butt though! I think I will look into joining a spin class that I can go to once a week.

    I wanted to not put cream in my coffee everyday, and I’m not! I cut cream out on week one and have been able to stick with it. Now I only put non-fat milk.

    I also wanted to cut out sugar. This one has been hard. I have cut it out by about 80% but am not totally there yet. Babysteps…I will get there.

    For this week I am hoping to:

    Take the stairs at both my office and in my parking garage.

    Keep up the cardio.

    Master the elbow, elbow, hand, hand exercise. I really suck at this and I think I need to practice it at home so that I can attempt it in class.

    I’m still working towards the meditation. I have been using meditation on my own for years as I have dealt with issues surrounding anxiety my whole life. So…I need to work towards actually doing the meditation that was so generously given to us by Natalie.

    That’s it for now! Good luck ladies!!!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    hello everyone!

    Happy that last week is over and a new fresh week is starting! Last week was TOUGH for cravings! I’ve been cutting out sugar and it’s been hard! One night I almost baked toffee shortbread just to have a treat. but realizing they wouldn’t be done until after 9:30pm, I convinced myself it would just hinder my sleep so to not do it. I also managed to not open the bag of toffee bits and eat them. I did however eat a handful of almost stale mini marshmallows. Not so tasty.

    Today I still suffered from cravings but I handled them much better! I was exhausted after work and didn’t feel like making a full meal especially when I had a Thai Kitchen Pad Thai which is super easy to make. I decided that if I were to have that, I still needed to eat some veggies, so I sauteed (in 1/2 tsp of GF/lactose free margarine) zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms. Not what you’d usually mix with pad thai but I got my veggies and it was super easy! Later in the evening I was still jonesing for sugar. I got a new GF cereal on the weekend, it’s like a cornflake with dried strawberries. 1 cup is 9g of sugar which isn’t *too* bad when it comes to cereal. I measured out the 1 cup and had it dry. Satisfied the craving 🙂

    I’d like to do more activity during the day (21 min or 21 reps) – that is my goal this week. To do that on the days I don’t have a fitness class.

    Today one of my co-workers noticed that my tummy bloating has gone down! That was a nice feeling to know someone noticed a positive change in me!

    Happy Week 3 ladies!

  3. SG Says:

    Hi Everyone. Happy February! Week 2 was actually really good for me. I had lemon water every day in the morning. I prepared all my meals in the week and didn’t eat any sweets before bedtime. I was more realistic with having some “cheat meals” by eating out Friday night only. It worked well and I didn’t feel bad about it because I was good the rest of the week.

    The highlighted junk food in my food diary was way less, so that was a big accomplishment.

    I also got 4 work outs in last week which I was really happy with. And I tried the meditation track. Meditation is a very new concept to me, I had difficultly trying to clear my mind, but I will try again.

    Still can’t find Greek yogurt anywhere. One of the employees at Longos told me that Liberte’s production line broke down or something…so no idea when I’ll get this product. But I also got news that Astro will be releasing a greek yogurt too! Yay!

    The only negative that I can really say about last week is that I started feeling a cold coming on. I went to noahs and bought these lozenges called Sambucol which I heard are really good. Unfortunately I got sick anyway and now I’m starting week 3 with a cold…booooo…. Hopefully it won’t keep me down for long. I had to skip BCBD on Monday night – but I will make it up this week when I’m feeling better! I am going to try to keep up my eating habits during this coming week even though I am not well, as I know I will not get as many work outs in. Week 3 here I come!

  4. Lisa Says:

    The first week I had so many positive things happen and I had such a successful entry to share.

    I wish I had the same to share this time. It was a tough one for me, and those negative thoughts kept creeping up and taking over no matter what. It has been a tough one for me both emotionally and physically. To start it was a busy work week and I could not let things go! By the time I got home on Wednesday night I had my lazy eye in full effect. When I get really tired, I get the lazy eye going in my right eye, realllly attractive, I know you are all jealous. I was so tired all I could do was cry & I had nothing but negative thoughts, which turned into disappointment in myself because Wednesday was the day I wanted to go for a run (So no run for me last week :(), and I was disappointed because I felt so positive just a week earlier.

    I was so drained at the end of my days I only meditated one time, I was so exhausted that I would just crash. However, do to not letting the little things go, I was tossing and turning in my sleep and not once did I get a decent amount of rest each night.

    Not wanting to admit defeat, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself – of course it was Friday by this point. I have signed up for three races this year. One in May, July and October. I am getting a new pair of runners ( my current ones need to retire as they have covered a lot of racing ground in the last couple of years), and I am setting a new goal; To beat my times from my past races. Saturday I had an incredible yoga class that kept me on a high all day, my hubby and I built the crib for baby, Sunday I swam some laps, and finally I have upped the amount of times I read to Baby D. When I read to him and I feel him kick, he really helps me to put things into perspective.

    It is a new week, and I am feeling good about it. This WILL be a better week!

    • Lee-Anne Galloway Says:


      I love your last line… “This WILL be a better week!” as I can hear the excitement and commitment coming off the screen! I am going to take that statement one step further for you. How about: “This IS an awesome week of staying on track!”

      I think the biggest challenge for a lot of us is getting not getting into a rut, and then falling deeper into it as the days go on. My suggestion is to create a goal or positive statement for the day. Even if you start with, “I have an abundance of energy today.” – you will kick start your day and get the ball rolling in the right direction. Get creative with your daily goal or affirmation, and hopefully that will help break the spell of bad day’s seeping into the next!

      Also, at the end of the night when my head is full of thoughts about what I did not accomplish, or did not make time for, I instead remind myself of what I am grateful for. By focusing on what I already have and love, and finding the positive in my day (possibly how I managed to use my daily goal throughout my day) my mind settles down and I actually rest.

      I support you Lisa 100% on this journey, and am looking forward to hearing about your accomplishments this week! Go get em!

      Lee-Anne Galloway

      • Lisa Says:

        Thanks Lee-Anne. You are so right! I woke up this morning and decided today is day 1 of positive statements. I put on music and sang and danced my heart out as I was getting ready. I walked out the door with a smile on my face, and nothing but positive thoughts.

  5. Michelle s Says:

    Michelle s Says:
    February 1, 2011 at 4:25 pm | Reply
    week 3. (oops i wrote this in week 2 but copied and pasted it to the correct week)

    This is where my challenge becomes hard. I just moved out of my boyfriends house and into my new place that has a full functional kitchen (my bf’sc place is being renovated.) This means i can begin my candida cleanse this week.

    This cleanse might be the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do. my sister warned me that i’ll go through some crazy mood swings. apparently candida takes over your body and the only way to truly regulate it is to starve it while simultaneously flushing it out of my body. i have been warned that i’m going to start craving sugary foods and will be very unpleasant and uncomfortable for a few weeks. So this is a warning to everybody in my class; I may not be my usual chipper self. I’m pretty excited to do this though. I think all the issues that come with having too much candida is way more unpleasant than any sugar withdrawal I may experience.

    so for the next 6 weeks I can not eat: sugar, dairy, grains, starchy vegetables, most fermented foods, most oils, and a slew of other things. The question is, what can I eat?

    Greens. non homogenized yogurt, blueberries, cinnamon, possibly quinoa, and white meat with very limited seasoning. YUM. i emailed the ladies at the healthy kitchen for some guidance.

    wish me luck!

    As for my other goals: Im still taking stairs as often as possible, walking to the next bus stop, wearing ankle weights. I have been more efficient in planning my days and getting more things done, and am attempting more challenges. i’m taking a creative writing coarse that I’m really excited about, and am considering taking an acting class, because I’ve always told myself that I can not act and I wonder if I can.

    I packed all my stuff on friday and left town for the weekend and enjoyed one of the most hassle free moves I’ve ever had today. This is a far cry from my typical last minute packing! Im quite pleased.

    good luck everybody with the rest of the challenge!

    • Dawna M Says:

      Wow…that cleanse is…..just….WOW! Good Luck!! I know someone who is doing it now actually….I’ll have to track her down…I think she’s been laying low. lol 🙂

      It’s challenging, but you can do it!

  6. Michelle s Says:


    In week 2 I gave a tip about not depriving yourself of the food you want to eat, because it worked for me.

    I realize that everybody has their own issues with food, and mine happened to be yoyo dieting, and It’s very narrow minded of me to assume that everybody would benefit from that tip. Because the more I think about it, the more I realize that it could actually do more harm than good for some.

    So if anybody read it, please understand that it’s a great tip for yoyo dieters!


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  8. Dawna M Says:

    Week Three!!

    Woah! Where did Week Three come from??? Already?

    Last week, I definately cooked and ate at home more often. Bonus all around because I was out and about alot, with some pretty long days. My previous pattern would have been to grab something on the road, but I kept thinking about this challenge and what I wanted to accomplish and would manage to curb my impulse to “pick up something” and bring it home. Yay me! 🙂
    Continuing on that same path, I will be searching for some easy, healthy and portable snacks that I can carry with me.

    Definitely improving on the water intake and have been drinking Green Tea nearly every night!

    Still a work in progress….but I guess that’s the point, right? lol

    The meditation was “slower” last week…but Ithink mornings are working out better for me to do this (at least right now they are). Unfortunately, I still cannot get Natalie’s track working, so I have been using a 5-7 min audio I found instead, for now. So far, I’ve only fallen back asleep once! 🙂 The other times, I’ve felt a little more focused when I actually get up. That’s a good thing@

    Yoga was non-existent for me last week. 😦 However, this week, I’m committted to checking the sched of a couple of Yoga Studios for which I have some passes, and putting at least 3 classes on my sched for the rest of the month.

    Ooh, that push-up track! Still working on getting through that whole thing, particularly the final series with the elbow/elbow, hand/hand with the leg up. I’ve decided I need to, at least, do it without the leg, at home 4 times every single day.

  9. EEZ Says:

    Week 3
    So week 2 was definitely challenging for me. I started to get sick towards the end of the week and spent the weekend in bed resting. This was much needed although it meant that I was extremely inactive for those few days. I am still getting over my cold and have almost 100% of my energy and motivation back.

    I am still taking the stairs up to my place and am trying to incorporate protein in every meal. For week three I have been trying to identify my levels of hunger before a meal, and determine whether I am eating for reasons other than hunger. I am hoping that this will make me look at food differently and to not eat for emotional reasons. This is much harder than it sounds so this will be a work in progress.

    Good luck to all this week. Keep up the good work:)

  10. Katie Says:

    Week 3…
    I definitely need to incorporate more exercise daily. This is the number one thing I’ve been lacking on. I will make more effort to turn this one around for the rest of the weeks.
    I did complete my little assignment of reading & writing. I completed the one book I meant to & took all the notes necessary for it to stay with me & it goes back to its owner.
    I know back in week one I mentioned getting over a break from months past & how I was trying to stay positive. Well, unexpectedly but in a turn for the MUCH better, I’ve actually reconciled with the ex-boyfriend. I’m happy to report it’s a very good thing. However, I’m focussed on doing the things I was doing to keep ME positive & the things I like to do for myself regardless of relationship status. So to add a new goal into the 21 day challenge is to keep the magic in the relationship without giving up my own personal goals as it tends to be easy to do when one is in love. I’m hoping to bring the lessons I’ve learned while being alone into the relationship to keep us both individually healthy.
    Finally, as a note, I’ve had the idea (for a long time now) to start looking for a new job come the end of February, so to add in making new resumes & cover letters & job searching in the weeks to come, not to necessarily find a new job right away but to get the ball rolling. I’m looking for the right fit not just any fit.

    Cheers to everyone else with the challenge. Stay positive!

  11. Bonnie Says:

    Week three has been more challenging thus far, as old habits have started to kick back in to play, such as eating late in the day and not eating enough throughout the day. I am at least aware of how I let my busy day dictate my health choices. However, as I am aware of this, I have tried to at least eat meals that are well balanced and nutritious. I intend to stick up on groceries for next week, to ensure that I have snacks to take with me.
    My exercise continues to be less structured and active this week, due to my injury, but I’m hoping that by week four I’ll be bouncing back and ready to go. I have continued to try to walk wherever I am going and have tried to accompany that with a series of stomach exercises before bed. I am looking forward to being fully physically active soon!

  12. Dawna M Says:

    Week 3 progress….well…funny how some thiings move along with lightening speed and others move so slow they could be going backwards!

    Doing great with the healthy balanced meals at home…rediscovered Tilapia (one of my favs)…green tea (with honey!) is going well….

    Water….screeeech! I dunno what it is….It’s as if, now that focusing on it, I don’t want it AT ALL. 😦 I still drink “some” when I teach (group fitness classes), but not nearly what I hoped or planned. I don’t remember where I read it hear, but one of you lovely ladies suggested something about keeping fresh lemons available to have in the wather. Thanks, I’m going to try that!

    Meditation….not bad…still gotta figure out why I can’t play the one for this challenge, but I work on the visualization each day for 5-10 minutes.
    Yoga…..might have to work on that at home….still working on when to get in those classes.

    The challenge continues….

    Keep up the great efforts everyone!

  13. Dawna M Says:

    Another Recipie Request! 🙂

    Granola…homade granola bars….I want to make some! Any suggestions?

    Crunchy or chewy….would love the option of either. I much prefer nuts/seeds over fruit in granola bars, but I’ll throw dried cranberries in just about anything! 🙂


    • Lindsay Says:

      I have a great granola recipe that I got from a nutritionist…I’ll try to remember to post it tonight! 🙂

    • Lindsay Says:

      gluten-free granola
      c/o nutritionist Meghan Ford http://www.nutritiousmeg.com

      1/2 cup raw almonds
      1/2 cup raw walnuts
      1/2 cup raw cashews
      1/2 cup raw filberts/hazelnuts
      1/2 cup raw brasil nuts
      1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds
      1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
      1/4 cup unsweetened coconut
      1/4 cup sesame seeds
      3/4 cup Thompson raisins
      1/3 cup agave syrup

      -With a sharp knife (or magic bullet) crush nuts and seeds into desirable chunks and mix in a large bowl. Set aside
      -Preheat oven to 275F
      -In a sauce pan, boil raisins in 1/2-1 cup of water, press and soften raisins with a wooden spoon. Add agave syrup to the raisin mixture and stir while lightly boiling for 3-5 minutes.
      -Pour raising mixture over nuts and seeds and stir in until entire mixture is moist.
      -Spread onto a baking sheet.
      -Bake for 1 hour stirring every 15 minutes.
      -Let cool and put into containers then put in fridge

      some notes: I’m lazy (and bad with knives) so I don’t break up the nuts, I just leave them. You can also buy already crushed walnuts which helps.
      the amount of water added to the raisins is personal preference…I’ve done 1/2 cup and it wasn’t enough, I found 1 cup too much. play around with it. I also line the baking sheet with foil to make clean up easier

  14. Lindsay Says:

    mid-week 3…kind of struggling but there are good things happening. I’m not sticking to my goals but I find I am doing other positive things.
    The beginning of the week, I was good about making my balanced dinners and making sure I wasn’t eating any gluten or dairy all day (felt great!)…but then I started to get lazy on the snow day Wednesday and haven’t bounced back. I usually have a fitness class in my condo Wed night, it got cancelled. I could have still gone down since that time is usually set aside for the class…but instead I crashed on my couch and watched tv. I also could have used that time to make dinner. nope. ate snacks. then I was craving sweets so I did some baking. Then ate a lot of the squares until I felt ill. 😦

    Thursday…I’m thinking new day, back to work, back on track. Traffic was brutal and I was 30 min late so on my way into the office I convinced myself I deserved a muffin from the little greasy spoon food place at our building. I told myself it goes against my goals, don’t do it…but the other voices won and I got the muffin. 😦 That night however I decided to try something I saw Lee-Anne mention to Lisa – think positively before bed. I have suffered from extremely disturbing dreams and nightmares all my life. I wake up feeling horrible every morning…last night instead of being stressed about a nagging client, and upset about silly things beyond my control, I just listed some things I’ve done lately that are good and I’m proud of and I ended up having the best sleep I’ve had in ages!! I woke up actually feeling refreshed. I can’t even remember the last time that happened! Part of the dream was even upsetting but as a character in the dream, I actually stood up for myself. 🙂

    Today I did cave again on the muffin (I need to STOP allowing myself to reward/console myself with food!) but I’m going to choose a healthy lunch, drink lots of water, have my healthy snacks, and then kick ass at the BCBD class tonight!

    well that was a long rant 😉

    Thanks Eva for having this forum for us to share and learn!

  15. V "eh" G Says:

    Week 3 – possibly the worst week ever.

    Late last week I found a bed bug crawling around my apartment. Aside from being horrified, I am in awe that something so small could wreak so much havoc. Exterminators came today, so the past week I had to sterilize all my clothes ($500 worth of dry cleaning and 15 loads of laundry) and vacuum and steam clean all my belongings before sealing them all in airtight plastic. Add this on top of a hectic week of work (I’m covering for my boss who is on vacation) and yes folks we have a recipe for a meltdown. In light of my unwelcome house guest I opted to move in with a friend until I feel safe to return to my abandoned apartment leaving behind my kettlebells, pilates ring, free wights and resistance bands. I haven’t slept in a week and my regular exercise regime was hijacked by operation “kill kill kill” . That’ the bad.

    The good – despite wanting to drown myself in barrels of wine and anything deep fried fortunately I have stuck to my alcohol free, unprocessed, vegetarian regime – although I did spend an unhealthy amount of time eye f**king some poor woman’s glass of prosecco the other night ( sorry!). I didn’t do Yoga twice, BUT I did do a session that was twice as long as I normally do, so since I am desperate for wins this week I am counting it. Also, given all the madness I’ve had to endure I also managed to take (and surprise surprise enjoy) a ten minute meditation break in the sauna – which I am pretty sure prevented an epic meltdown. Another big win, no Diet Coke at all this week. Lemon water and tea have now become my staples in life, and after watching Oprah’s “Vegan-ish” episode last week I am feeling even more inspired to continue on w/ my meat vacation. I have noticed I have a lot more energy and I don’t feel so bloated and according to Oprah it’s better for the environment, so wins all around.

    The Coles Notes:

    Major setbacks on the exercise due to what I will claim to be a force majeure, but I still managed to get in a two 30 minute Pilates sessions, 1 hour of yoga and an hour long dance classes in addition to BCBD and my daily walk. Plus I think my part time job as a Molly Maid for the week could be considered exercise (my butt and arms certainly think so).

    Self Appointed gold stars for not eating/drinking my emotions despite having attended multiple saucy industry events and even being taunted and tempted by peers (because yes kids apparently peer pressure is alive and well even in your 30’s). No longer being dependent on Diet Coke, resisting temptation to crack one open as there is a whole frosty case about 10 ft from my desk.
    Liking meditation.

    Here’s to hoping for a better week 4!

  16. Julianna Yu Says:

    This week was a tough one.
    I started off with a lot of enthusiasm but kind of lost my steam. It’s hard to pinpoint why I was feeling so drained but I think I had a busy weekend that I didn’t quite recover from which left me feeling like I was really behind on things.

    Due to Lunar New Year Celebrations on Thursday night with my family. I changed this week’s Thursday night class to Tuesday night so I ended up having class two nights in a row (Monday and Tuesday) and I felt really good to have gotten two good workouts in right at the start of the week. Since Tuesday, I couldn’t get myself out of bed in the mornings in time to eat breakfast at home (a ritual, I’ve realized, really does set the mood for the rest of the day for me). For most of the week, I was eating breakfast at my desk at work. So instead, of the quiet, comfortable mornings where I review my goals for the day and eat at a relaxed pace, I was instead eating at my desk at work. 😦

    I remember on Wednesday, thinking to myself, I needed to stop giving reasons to feel bad for myself – 3 days in and I could feel myself wonder whether I’d get out of this funk.  The only regimen I’ve been able to keep up with on most days is having lemon water throughout the day (haven’t yet gotten up early enough to have this before eating breakfast – adding this to next week’s goals). 

    This evening, I plan to turn around this past week and finish off with a positive note.

    One of the keys to my success in my first two weeks was that I got up early and reviewed my goals in the morning and periodically throughout the day. I would do this to kind of just check in on my progress and remind myself of what my goals were and whether I was doing everything I could to achieve them for the day (I have an agenda with me that I write my goals for the week in). This week, I didn’t write my goals in my agenda because I forgot about this new habit altogether until tonight.

    Best wishes to you all on wrapping up week 3!

  17. Karleigh Says:

    This week went pretty well. I found week two extremely difficult, but was able to stay focused this week. This week I planned my meals then went grocery shopping with a specific list and didn’t let my eyes wander down the cookie isle. I also pre-cooked some meals, like a pasta sauce that I used for most of the week with chicken, shrimp and lots of vegetables. This made it easy when I felt too lazy to cook I could just make the pasta I needed and reheat the sauce. I also made sure to have breakfast every morning which really helped with my energy through out the day. There was one day where I didn’t have breakfast and I could feel the difference.

    Also, I made sure to work out everyday. The biggest help was to put on my work out clothes when I got up or when I got home from work. It kind of forces me to get up and exercise since I was already dressed for it… and on the days where I really didn’t want to exercise I would wear dirty work out clothes so I knew I was going to have to shower anyways, so I might as well sweat a little more and really make it worth the water use.

    My personal goals have also gone well this week. I am trying very hard to put as much as I can into make up work because I really want to be able to only be doing make up work by the end of the year. I have been writing down pages and pages of ideas, and putting them to work. I have been working on my website, writing posts for my blog, making contacts and booking shoots when ever possible. Working on my website has really helped me see how much I have accomplished and made me very proud.

    Today is the last day of the 21 Day Challenge, but I plan to continue making daily goals. By ending my days feeling that I have achieved my goals (even if they are as simple as eating breakfast) I feel that I have made a good choice towards a positive lifestyle. I want to be successful in my life and by having small goals each day it becomes more realistic and possible to achieve my larger goals that seem may seem impossible.

  18. Rachelle Says:

    Week 3

    So this week I am doing a lot better than last week. I have been able to keep up with my journal on a fairly consistent basis and it is such a good reminder of my water intake as well as making sure I eat healthy.

    The biggest change has been my energy level and the fact that I am not craving junk food- instead I can’t wait to eat brown rice and broccoli!

    In terms of exercise I have added aerial silks classes to my weekly routine. It is another great full body workout which compliments what we do in class. My silks instructor is surprised by how strong I am and it’s all thanks to the conditioning we do. My body is sore but in a good way! My muscles are really getting a good workout this session.

    Cooking has been a lot better this week. Thank goodness!! I’m not a great cook by any means but I have managed to not burn any of my food. I think I needed some practice in the kitchen.

    My challenge has been kicking the chocolate habit. I’m still working on it!!

    I love reading about how everyone is doing. I’m sending out good and positive vibes to you all!


  19. Perseverance Says:

    Week 3 update…not bad but not great

    Where did I go off track?
    – I wasn’t able to work out five times a week as planned. I only managed to work out twice this week (Wed & Sunday with Eva). This was primarily due to my hectic work schedule combined with the fact that my friend’s mother passed away suddenly so I was attending viewings in the evenings and the funeral. It was a very hard and depressing week and I was completely drained by Sunday.
    – I’m still trying to master getting through Eva’s ponche track. I have to admit, I’m guilty of putting my knee down from time to time throughout the track. My shoulders are completely exhausted by that track. I promise to keep working at it Eva!!!
    – I keep on struggling with drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Not sure why, perhaps it’s the taste or I’m just simply forgetting. Ladies – if you have experienced the same challenge as I with drinking enough water and have any tips, I’m all ears…

    What went right?
    – I managed to eat protein and greens with every meal – YAY…
    – I successfully took a multi-vitamin daily!
    – I was able to get through meditation once this past week but not twice as planned. The meditation was awesome….I completely passed out mid way through.

    I will continue to work on areas where I went off track during week 3.

  20. Serah Says:

    The third week flew by in a blink of an eye.. Not great, not bad… just ok…

    In terms of my eating habits, I felt like I had better control of my portions and my sweet tooth. On my treat day yesterday though, I went out of control. It was superbowl night, and I indulged on A LOT of wings, chocolate, and other sugary sweets… so much so, I felt really sick after and am feeling the repercussions, including waking up in a cold sweat after a nightmare last night (which for some reason, usually happens when I don’t eat well the night before).

    I’ve cut down a lot on my caffeine intake during the week, to about 2-3 cups a week, substituting with green tea, or tea lattes (pretty much just tea and steamed soy milk)

    I find the sugar cravings do come back from time to time, usually the after my treat days… which I’ve discovered are my hardest days to fight to intense cravings. The best thing for me to do is to distract myself with a task that has an end result like cleaning or laundry. But when that doesn’t work, sometimes I have to leave my house and go for a walk, because I know when I do have little, it’s really hard to stop.

    My challenge for this coming week get out of the “hibernation mode” I fell into the last week. The terrible weather has been putting a damper on my mood, and all I want to do is eat and sleep. So I’d like to really put my mind into stepping it up a notch in Eva’s class tonight and Wed. as a start to this week and put the shortfalls of the last week behind me (and to learn from them).

  21. Vanessa Says:

    This past week was a bit of a mess… hence why this journal entry is a bit late. I worked a 14 hour day in there that I think I’m still tired from… But anyway. I did okay this week but I wasn’t as on the ball. I missed 2 lemon water mornings. Still could be a lot slower when eating but i’ve been more mindful of that which is good. Meditation track was a bit better in terms of visualization. In time I hope to really feel the benefits of it. And I still need to up my water intake. I’ve got the 1 litte down but need to get to 2. I’ve been tempted to have coffee but have not had any. That’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself this challenge.

    I know I didn’t make any food goals but i’ve been eating pretty alright save for some winterlicious excursions. I should probably be happier with my progress but my overall mood at least right now isn’t that great. Hopefully this new week will be better.

  22. Cat Says:

    I’ve been bad and totally forgot to post this one too 😦
    Better late than never!!

    Well this week was another step in the right direction!
    I definitely am developing better morning habits in terms of nutrition, but getting motivated to get up quicker is still posing somewhat of a problem.
    I was really excited to incorporate having a smoothie every morning now (Eva had suggested Vega products). Took me a couple of tries to figure out which way I liked it, but I think I’ve now got a good recipe!

    I was also happy with my fitness level this week as I managed to squeeze in an extra workout and also spent one day skiing (which I forget is a GREAT activity to work your legs 😉 )

    In terms of my stress level, I am slowly but surely managing to let go of my blackberry more. I think I’ve discovered a limiting belief in the form of a “fear of missing out” syndrome. I’ve come to realise that I don’t HAVE to be available all the time. My BlackBerry is great, but I become nervous when it’s on low battery or dead (which is definitely not healthy). That red flashing LED light is almost like crack (hence the term crackberry): which I’m learning I need to stop control me. It’s crazy to think how much technology can quickly overwhelm our lives, even though it can help in so many other ways!

    For next week, I’m looking to keep focusing on getting more sleep and bringing more lunches to work. I’ve noticed that by having breakfast in the morning, I’m hungrier during the day. I’m not the type of person to snack on junk (thank god!) but I want to make sure I am feeding myself with healthy snacks.
    Have a good week everyone!

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