21 Day Challenge – Week Five

Week Five

Every single life only becomes great when the individual sets upon a goal or goals which they really believe in, which they can really commit themselves to, which they can put their whole heart and soul into. Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.

Congratulations this is your second last week! Wishing you the best of luck, don’t forget about your experts, they are here to help you, reach out to them or visit their websites. I am so proud of you and the best part is how proud you are of each other. Continue to read each others entries, be inspired and know that you are not alone in this journey. I am inspired by all of you!

With love



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Your Experts

Lee Anne Galloway a Motivational Life Coach dedicated to empowering women towards positive change.  She believes “The secret to changing your life is changing your thoughts” and will share some invaluable tools to reshaping your self talk.

Natalie Roy a Yoga Teacher & Meditation Therapist shares with us a guided meditation exclusively available to the 21 Day Challenge participants for personal meditation practice. A powerful tool for getting to know yourself & the self you wish to become.

The ladies of The Living Kitchen Sarah Grossman and Tamara Green, Chief Nutritionist, Creative Chef and Green Gardeners “inspiring health, vitality and healing through conscientious eating & loving good food” share 11 Tips For Eating Well and Feeling Great.

Susan Hobson Principle Performance Coach at Elite: High Performance Coaching whose mission is to help clients “Envision, Execute & Elevate!” Shares with us the steps to creating your Personal Roadmap to Success



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14 Responses to “21 Day Challenge – Week Five”

  1. 3 Great Fitness Motivation Tips for Women | exercisefitnessdiet.com Says:

    […] 21 Day Challenge – Week Five « Toronto Womens Fitness Weblog […]

  2. michelle s Says:

    insomniac live from the bedroom at 730 in the morn

    I listened to the meditation track last night and tonight.
    As I said In my last post, I had been doing some breathing stuff. But that wasn’t doing the trick with my insomnia. So with the help of performance enhancing drugs (melatonin) I put on the headphones and Natalie’s meditation and away I went.

    Last night, the meditation put me to sleep (it was like 530 am)

    But what happened tonight is what prompted me to write this post.

    Tonight I had the whole experience. I was very very relaxed, and I was breathing and focusing on all the things she told me to- I love her voice BTW- I even made my mind shut up when it started chattering back! The coolest part was at the end when I left the bubble and was back on the sand. I actually FELT like I was reentering my body.
    OK I’m being melodramatic; I felt a jolt-like sensation in my feet when I was told I was back on the sand and the water noises started playing!
    Wow that was awesome.
    Thank you universe! and Natalie and Eva!

    Wasn’t I a cocky little mofo last week “ambient noise distracts me” – me last week

    Apparently Natalie’s lovely voice shut my incessant internal dialogue off. KUDOS to natalie.

    unfortunately I had to pee because of all the water i’ve been drinking so I’m still awake. I did my business and then drank my candida buster drink.

    It is some type of clay and some type of oil and psyllium husk (its called the candida trauma kit) It’s pretty cool. The oil kills the candida, the clay sucks up the dead toxins and the psyllium husk is coarse and scrapes the wall of my colon and other internal organs. – well thats what the packaging says. I wonder what my colonic therapist would say….

    The drink tastes very earthy and has the consistency of vomit. I take a deep breath in and exhale and then gulp it back making sure not to breath through my nose, so I don’t taste it.

    The drink will supposedly absorb any vitamins or meds I take within 2 hours of it which is why I took it now. Im hoping to go to sleep and wake up with just enough time to run to my writing class and I don’t think my writing class would appreciate my antics sans Dexedrine,

    and if I don’t stop this post, you’ll understand why!

    top o the morning to all of ya! will write weekly recap later on or tomorrow.


  3. SG Says:

    Hi ladies! Week 4 was better than 3 for sure! I got in 3 solid work outs and overall did pretty well with my eating habits. I indulged quite a bit on the weekend though so I have to get back on track on this week!

    I have been having lemon water every day, but not necessarily first thing in the morning so I will cautiously drink it in the morning more this week. I have been preparing my food more often than usual, with the exception of this past weekend. And I am happy to report that I haven’t eaten late night snacks all week! This is a really big accomplishment for me. Yay!

    I have a new program I am working on with my trainer; it is very challenging which I like. I have to keep myself motivated to do it though. sometimes that is the hardest part! Only 2 weeks left of the challenge, crazy!

  4. Lisa Says:

    My biggest challenge with this past week was being under the weather. I had a stomach bug that sent me home from work on Monday – only my second sick day in the 2 years that I have been with the company that I work for, and straight home after work up to Thursday. Being pregnant and sick is tough since you can’t take anything. I had to just really listen to my body and slow down. It forced me to really take my time which was actually, a good thing. I am a multi- tasker extraordinaire! So having the time to really slow down and focus on simple things like breathing was very much needed. So even though I missed out on my BCBD fix and my other exercise, I looked at being sick as a good thing. I did learn this from my day on the couch eating toast and drinking water, there is not a whole heck of a lot on TV during the day time. Now I know I will have to do some serious PVR while on mat leave. 🙂

    Sick or not, I did my meditation and focused on positive thoughts all week. By the end of the week I was feeling better – just in time for my yoga teacher training weekend. Because of the breathing that I am doing through my meditation, I have found that I have a much easier time of breathing in yoga, I hold poses for longer (even with the baby belly), I get lost in the poses as well. I am better able to listen to my body, in the past I would just do the poses but not really focus on what I was doing. Now I take my time to move into each pose and really understand why I am there. I was back to my BCBD class last night, and I found the same thing there. I am pushing myself even more than usual, but I am being smart about it. I woke up this morning feeling amazing, sore in places (which I love!) but feeling so good 🙂

    Where I work we have masterclasses that happen on a weekly basis. Basically people in the company request the classes that they want to take (they can be anything from oil painting to learning excel), and then certain individuals are approached to teach them. I was asked to do a masterclass on “yoga at your desk”. I am teaching this Friday, and I am looking forward to sharing with everyone in the class not just some poses to do to stretch out your body, but about the importance of breathing, letting go etc. I am really looking forward to it!

    “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  5. Sara Says:

    Week five! Yikes…this was not a good week for me, although I kind of figured it wouldn’t be. I was away on business and was running around the entire time so I made some pretty stupid food choices! I was stuck in a room for 2 entire days, so I couldn’t eat well and ended up eating bad bad things! Of course now I feel completely gross and excited to get back into the swing of things. Thankfully I can’t eat badly for very long because I feel crappy and crave good foods. So that’s a good thing.

    I did manage to get in one day of exercise while I was away. There was a fitness room at the hotel so I did quite a bit of cardio. I even did my plyometric (sp?) jumps and some guy in the fitness room with me looked at me like I was crazy! But hey, I did it!!!!

    So this week I am getting back on track. I ate alot of wheat while I was away and I never do that, so I will eat ZERO wheat this week! And I will again limit my sugar intake. I feel so tired and I know it’s partly the travel, but I know alot of it was my food choices and lack of exercise.



  6. Lindsay Says:

    Hey Everyone 🙂

    I knew this week would be hard because of Valentines day. I’m single so the day usually just upsets me…which causes me to eat more of the candy/chocolates. This year I’ve been good and haven’t boughten any of the goodies at the stores. Other than a couple desserts at restaurants, I haven’t had any chocolate this whole challenge! (that is HUGE for me! I was eating 2 chocolate bars a day at least 3-4 times a week and the other days would be other candy) So along comes the big day and I know my offices will have treats. I decide that I’ve been really good lately so I will allow myself to enjoy some treats. My Monday client only got little chocolate hearts for everyone to share. I did have more than my share and of course didn’t feel good after. It was also starting to become a different not good than usual. Before I’d feel gross after binging on chocolate but it was never enough to make me stop. I’d do it all again the next day. Yesterday something was starting to change. Then along comes my other office today. Where it has now become tradition for everyone to make treats or give gift bags at every holiday. When it was just one co-worker and I it wasn’t an abundance. Now it was 4 of them! (I just made a card glitter style for one girl and found a tea the other had been looking for) my desk was covered in candy/chocolate/cupcakes. YIKES! I managed to wait until after lunch to start indulging. I didn’t have too much but at the end of the day I felt disgusting. I haven’t felt that gut-rot feeling in awhile. It’s that time of the month which makes me feel heavy and then to add all that junk…I feel like I’m carrying a medicine ball in my belly. gross! This evening as I was eating a little chocolate I finally had that “ok, enough’s enough” moment. I feel gross because of these chocolates and they aren’t even good! why bother?! I threw out the rest. No more junk. I know my sweet tooth wont go away, so I will have tasty desserts when I’m out on occasion, but only quality ones.

    I still haven’t added the extra activity which was an original goal, but I’m going to Ottawa this weekend and will be walking a lot and skating, so there will be a lot of activity then 🙂 and since I took on the role of organizer, I get to make the restaurant suggestions, so I can make sure we go to places that fit my restrictions.

    I did do some house cleaning which I set out to do last week. I cleaned out and reorganized my freezer. I had forgotten some of the stuff that was in there! Now I’ll save on my next grocery bills since I can plan meals around what I have in there.

    I also turned off the tv for a bit one night and started reading a book! 🙂 I used to be a huge book worm and really fell out of it the past few years. Hopefully I can keep that up at least one night a week if not two.

    I feel chocolate-nauseous but more important I feel stronger and more motivated than ever!

    Sale note – Shoppers has a big sale on a lot of vitamins.

    bedtime 🙂

  7. michelle s Says:

    week 5, the REAL post

    I just want to say that this challenge has been great! I’m making a conscious effort to do things I should do anyway but have been too darn lazy to go through with. I’m really happy to have some real motivation (the hope of winning a prize) because the changes I’m making are things I can and will stick with even after the challenge ends 🙂

    Positive changes:
    I’m drinking water!!! I bought a bunch of 3 litre bottles from Walmart ($1 each!) and have been bringing it around with me and trying to drink it all in the day. Or most of it.

    I’m more active. I’m walking a lot. even in winter! I got a metro pass this month and find myself at home less. I live 5 blocks from Ossington but have been going to Ossington station and taking streetcar to Dundas and walking the rest of the way. (there is a streetcar stop right at my street so I’m pretty proud of myself for doing this.)

    I’ve been planning my days better. With the metro pass, I am able to go to multiple destinations and I’ve been getting a lot more accomplished.

    I’m more proactive about finding a job.

    Yay me. lol

    Things to Improve:
    I still have a hard time cleaning. I did unpack like I wanted to, but I’m only half organized. I hate cleaning. Especially in a space that is too small for all my things- either way its still messy!

    i keep starting and then working for an hour and then have to leave or get hungry or sidetracked… I am going to try harder to start and finish the task of cleaning my room in one session.

    week 4 report:
    Last week I had a really good week to make up for my sins in week 3. The candida cleanse is going well. I have half cheated, but not with anything terrible just some sushi (no rice though) I haven’t drank alcohol and aside from insomnia I feel pretty darn good!!!

    New things I’ve tried
    Meditating- I love the meditation. I actually feel less pissed off about things in the past after having done it. I try not to hold on to anger, but the last 3 years were kinda turbulent and I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder (I know, pretty lame) but I feel much better. I have more energy too’.

    Taking acting classes.

    Trying hot yoga today!

    Again, the changes I have made are things I should have been doing. It’s nice to finally be in this place. Have a great week everyone!

  8. Rachelle Says:

    Week five

    Okay this was not the best week for me either. The week started off with my wonderful boyfriend cooking a fantastic three course meal for me for Valentine’s Day. It was amazing but not all healthy, mainly because we had cheesecake for dessert. Then on Wednesday we took my best friend out for her birthday and we ate a lot of creamy delicious comfort foods and ended up having bread pudding for dessert. SO GOOD and So bad all at the same time!

    School kind of took over this week I had exams and papers due and when that happens I snack a lot. The good thing about snacking is that I ate fruit and carrots instead of junk food- so I’m giving myself points for that!

    I drank mostly tea and water this week but I did cheat by having a hot chocolate and a couple glasses of wine. I hadn’t drunk hot chocolate since the challenge started – so that was a bad call because I love it but I know it’s not the right choice.

    As for exercise- I ended up having to cancel going to silks class on Wednesday because of school and because I woke up feeling a little dizzy- so hanging upside down would have been a bad idea. However, I did end up going yesterday. I ended up working on silks and trying out hoop and rope and doing some exercises on the trapeze bars, which was so much fun. After that I went to my BCBD class and powered through a fantastic workout. Overall, I exercised for five hours yesterday and now my body hates me. But I had a lot of fun doing it!

    Now I’m heading off to Florida for the week and I am planning to space out my workouts so that I don’t have one cram day where I have to make up for all the exercising I missed. I’m bringing my blue stretchy band with me and my yoga mat and hopefully I’ll be disciplined enough to use them every day or every other day. As for food- I’m staying at my parents place and they eat extremely healthy so I should be fine on that front.

    Now I’m off to pack. You ladies have an amazing week six and I’ll see you when I get back for the BCBD fundraiser. I can’t wait!!


  9. Karleigh Says:

    This week has been pretty good. I have been active and nutrition has been pretty good overall. I have A LOT of trouble staying away from sweets, specifically chocolate and cakes. I’ve decided to increase my activity level and cut back on sweets instead of trying to cut them out.

    I tried a Hot Yoga class yesterday and liked it. I am not very into Yoga, but I liked the heat a lot. I think that I have a hard time with Yoga because I have a lot of trouble clearing my mind and staying present during the class. I tend to let my mind wander and often realize I’m planning the rest of my day or thinking about doing laundry. I want to keep going to classes and try to see if I can work up to making it though a class without thinking “as soon as I get home I’ll have lunch, then do the dishes…” I am also going to take one or two more classes and get a membership at another studio I’ve been going to.

    The classes I take are perfect for me because all of them are set schedule classes that you sign up for. I like being committed and having to go to class. I used to have a membership at a drop-in dance studio and found that I ended up not using it at all. I need to have a set time that I have to be somewhere. I am very organized and like to know where and when I have to be places, or I usually don’t end up going.

    My personal goals have gone very well this week. My website is up (www.karleighjohnstone.com) and I have started to organize filming my first video blog. I am a little bit nervous about this because I have no idea how to edit the video, but I’ll figure it out. I found a model, know what I going to be doing and have the studio space, I just have to shoot it. I also worked on another Rogers shoot and met some very interesting people who I learned a lot from that day.

    I can’t believe tomorrow starts the last week of the challenge. When I get up in the morning I am going to set my goals for the week and work really hard to make the last week of the challenge the best so far!


  10. Vanessa Says:

    Okay, another week done! Can’t believe it’s week 5. This week was okay. But i missed a few lemon water mornings because i was either in a rush or simply remembered to after i ate something already. Anyway, still going strong with no coffee. Meditation is going okay… Mind is still going but oh well. Water intake is better but still short of my goal. I feel like i’ve been eating slower when i have the time to so that’s good.

    I admit i wonder what will happen this upcoming week since i’m going away to mexico… But i’ll see how i can incorporate my goals into the week. But i also don’t want to beat myself up over anything since this trip is a big deal for me!

  11. Christina Says:

    I’ve been drinking lemon water when I wake up in the mornings and I’ve been feeling really good. My eating habits were really good this week, I even managed to make a healthy valentines day dinner!
    My workouts were consistent and I’ve been taking the stairs (2 stepping) every chance I get.

    I’m feeling great and I can’t believe it’s already week 5.

  12. Julianna Yu Says:

    This week did not go well in terms of reaching my new goals. After a good fourth week I was all ambitious and enthusiastic… but that didn’t last.

    My energy was low and my days felt long. On Sunday, I made a batch of brown rice and pan fried tilapia, mushrooms, peppers in coconut oil and steamed broccoli. It was my first time using coconut oil, and I was rather generous… I didn’t know how generous until I had a pile of tilapia sitting in a puddle of oil… yuck… Ah, I’ll know for next time. I bought the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Noah’s – it’s something I’ve wanted to try since I read about coconut oil’s amazing healing powers last year. The two benefits that piqued my interest were coconut oil’s ability to aid in digestion and boost your metabolism (sounds good to me!).

    I’ve listed by new goals for this week below and how I did on them.

    Increasing Veggies
    I don’t usually have a problem with this when I make my own meals, but for much of this week I was eating on the go. I did manage to put together some warm and colourful combinations this week at the salad bar. My favourite dishes would probably be the stewed okra and tomatoes and the cauliflower/broccoli/pepper salad.

    Incorporating tricep pushups and pushups
    Fitness was okay this week – I am doing my situps/crunches/leg ups still but this week I wanted to work on my tricep pushups and regular pushups at home since I am finding it challenging in class. I found that I can do tricep pushups – it just takes some adjusting to get myself in the correct position. As for pushups at home, I think since my body is a lot more warmed up in class, it’s easier to do. I find it a lot more challenging doing them on my own but I will continue to work at this.

    Decreasing white carbs
    Sunday was the only day I was cooking in the kitchen, the rest of the week I was grabbing things on the go – healthy for the most part but they I also included some white carbs..white pita, white potatoes, and white rice – of course not all at the same meal. I’m starting to feel like it’s harder to steer clear of these when I’m eating on the go, all the more reason to prepare things at home (save time, money and temptation).

    I’m hoping to turn this around this weekend for next week by doing most of my prepping and cutting on Sunday/Monday. I find if I don’t get it done on Sunday, it’s really easy to resort to take out when I’ve had a long day and dinner just becomes one more thing I need to do before I can get some sleep…

    This week I managed to have protein at every meal. I’ve also been having protein shakes after Eva’s (just almond milk with whey chocolate protein powder). I’ve found it’s helped with the morning after BCBD – I’m usually an achey wreck. However, I don’t believe I’m having enough protein in the morning. I’ve read on Women’s health magazine website that we need approximately 30 grams of protein at every meal. And I’ve only been having 2 Tbl of Ruth’s Hemp Chia Goodness cereal along with brown rice crisps and almond milk in the morning. Some days that’s enough for me but lately, I’ve been feeling pretty hungry by the time 9:30am rolls around.
    I’m hoping to find some easy way to do this other than smoothies (no blender).

    Does anyone have any protein breakfast ideas they would like to share? (other than cottage cheese and eggs)

  13. EEZ Says:

    Week 5!

    I set smaller and achievable goals this week and kept them posted to my agenda book so I was contantly reminded of them. I will list them below and comment on each:

    1. No big meals after 9pm. I was able to stick with this even though it was quite difficult since I take Eva’s class in the evenings and so I don’t tend to eat a lot before. Although I did still eat after 9pm I did not eat any heavy foods. I also noticed that it helped me sleep better (either that or I was just extrememly tired this week!)

    2. Eat only when hungry. This was a little harder for me to do. As I’ve mentioned before I tend to emotionally eat and I am going through some personal hardships at the moment and I comfort myself with food. The progress I did make with regards to this, is identifying when I am eating for reasons other than hunger. I hope that this awareness will help me to stop using food as a crutch and to listen to my body and eat only when hungry

    3. Send out 3 job applications. I am currently looking for other employment. I love where I work however it is time for me to make a next step in my career. I sent out 1 job application this week and so will have to make more of an effort to do more.

    4. Do 1 yoga class. I succeeded in doing this! I did a hot yoga class on Sunday and really enjoyed it. I want to try to incorporate even more classes into my weekly routine.

    5. Eat more slowly and be aware of sensations in the body when eating. This was much harder to do than anything else! I have a habit of watching tv when I eat a meal and so I am unaware sometimes of what the food I’m eating tastes like. I definitely need to work on this and take more time when eating.

    All in all it wasn’t a bad week. I am really hoping to change my overall relationship with food. I know this will take a while to achieve but making small, achievable goals I am confident that I will be able to do it!

    Good luck to everyone in week 6!!

  14. V "eh" G Says:

    Week 5:

    This week’s post is brought to you by frustration.

    Although I have kept my new lifestyle changes and increased exercise regime I am not noticing results.
    I’m still afraid of measuring myself, so I’ve been avoiding that like the plague – but A quick jump on the scale sees me 10lbs lighter.
    Normally this is something I would celebrate, but I’m not noticing a huge difference in the way my clothes fit which has me in a funk.

    The Cons:
    Valentine’s day marked the end of my 40 some odd day alcohol ban.
    And as always alcohol always leads to bad food decisions, so my dinner consisted of deep fried pickles and processed beyond belief nachos from Hooters.
    Traveling had me away from the gym, and so my fitness regime took a bit of a hit over the weekend. I was able to squeeze in two half hour cardio sessions, but I still feel guilty (and flabby).
    Also managed to get properly fitted for a bra while away, and while the new size is far more comfortable I was a little depressed to learn I was a 38, and not a 36.
    Ditto for clothes shopping, I had myself convinced that the US has larger sizes, so imagine my disappointment when I had to squeeze into a 13/14 dress (I usually wear a size 10 or 12).
    Double unhappy faces.

    The Pros:
    Despite taking a pre-planned baking course and making a tone of delicious baked goods I managed to exercise mass restraint and only sampled a few goodies. To save myself from temptation I dropped by work after the class and left said treats in the office so wouldn’t be tempted to eat them.
    Score! Not only were my coworkers thrilled, my thighs were also grateful.
    Another win, I spent the weekend in Napa, which happens to be in the Fast Food capital of the world. Normally I would be all over Animal style from In and Out, or Del taco – but thanks to some pre-planning and a Trader Joes across the street I was able to keep relatively on track.
    Also I ate my first non-vegetarian nibbles in 43 days and was surprised that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I actually ended up eating mainly vegan or vegetarian for the weekend because my body was craving it.

    So while not a completely disastrous week, my confidence has taken a bit of a dip which sucks.
    I have a full week of client events this week (read: eating and drinking fests) so I’m a little concerned about falling completely off track.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that I somehow find some way to avoid completely blowing all my hard work rather than drowning my frustrations in pints and sliders.

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