21 Day Challenge – Week 6

The Final Week

Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction. The only reason we really pursue goals is to cause ourselves to expand and grow. Achieving goals by themselves will never make us happy in the long term; it’s who you become, as you overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give you the deepest and most long-lasting sense of fulfillment.

Congratulations this is your last week! Wishing you the best of luck, you should be proud of yourself for making it this far. I cannot wait to read your conclusion journals and thoughts on this experience. Your journey and transformation has been an inspiration to follow. I am proud of you all!

With love



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A Huge Thank You To Our Experts

Lee Anne Galloway a Motivational Life Coach dedicated to empowering women towards positive change.  Believes “The secret to changing your life is changing your thoughts” shared some invaluable tools to reshaping our self talk.

Natalie Roy a Yoga Teacher & Meditation Therapist shared with us a guided meditation exclusively available to the 21 Day Challenge participants for personal meditation practice. A powerful tool for getting to know yourself & the self you wish to become.

The ladies of The Living Kitchen Sarah Grossman and Tamara Green, Chief Nutritionist, Creative Chef and Green Gardeners “inspiring health, vitality and healing through conscientious eating & loving good food” shared 11 Tips For Eating Well and Feeling Great.

Susan Hobson Principle Performance Coach at Elite: High Performance Coaching whose mission is to help clients “Envision, Execute & Elevate!” Shared with us the steps to creating your Personal Roadmap to Success


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15 Responses to “21 Day Challenge – Week 6”

  1. Karleigh Says:

    Here we go! Week 6… I am going to post twice this week because I want this week to really count. Here are my goals for the week:

    1. I am going to keep a journal like I did for the first 21 Days set up like the example in the 21 Day Challenge book. This helped a lot for the first 21 days and I think I need to be doing it again. I’ve been finding old habits creeping back and I wanna give the a swift kick in the… well get them gone 🙂

    These are my nutrition goals for the week:
    1. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday
    2. Lemon in my water, and to drink more water throughout the day (this one should be easy but for some reason I don’t seem to drink very much through the day)
    3. Cut back on sweets A LOT… it may very well kill me but I want to do it! I will only eat sweets today (Sunday) and Wednesday.
    4. On the days I work have a light lunch, since I get fed at work. Trying to have something like a salad, lots of veggies little carbs because we are fed pasta at work.

    My fitness goals are:
    1. I have BCBD classes on Sundays and Mondays, I’m gonna’ give ‘er!!!
    2. I take another class Monday afternoons I want to put a little more into it, maybe go a bit early to practice a little bit.
    3. Work out two days at home.
    4. Take 2 Hot Yoga classes this week.

    My personal goals are:
    1. Get my video blog post set up- put what I need, book the studio time and have written exactly what I want to do/say… maybe shoot it this week if it can be scheduled that way.
    2. Update my website.
    3. Make a blog post. If not the video post, something else like a product suggestion or other information.

    As of today, I had a very healthy breakfast and lunch… I did have cake, I got bored yesterday and baked… Note to self, don’t buy cake mix because it is on sale… better note to self, don’t grocery shop when you are hungry!!!

    Good luck this week ladies!!!


  2. Sara Says:

    Week 6! Rock on! I’m so glad I made it this far. I have had some major revelations over the past few weeks and I think that I’ve changed my way of thinking more than anything else at all, and that has helped so much. I read an article in a magazine about only eating when you’re hungry and changing your mental state so that you can figure out whether you’re hungry or you’re just eating cause of boredom, etc. I know I should already know this but something just clicked when I read this article. I tried to do this on the weekend and it completely worked! Go figure 🙂

    So…now I am on the path to finding a better relationship with food. I’ve never had a really bad relationship with food…I almost always eat healthy but I rarely think about what I’m eating or whether or not I’m eating because I’m hungry or eating for another reason. I now believe I need to tell myself that it doesn’t matter what size I am and that I need to eat to for fuel and not just eat because I want to. I also need to stop having such negative thoughts about my body…I believe that just leads to making bad food choices.

    I’m well on the way to a major change I believe! I can’t believe that I’m well into my thirties and I’m just now figuring out the power of thought when it comes to food. I use the power of thought for everything else, so why not food???

    Other than that I have kept up with most of my goals and am feeling really great. I am looking forward to the fundraiser and the new session. Obviously fitness has brought me sooooo far in all of this and I know continuing it will only help me more. Thanks Eva for all of your inspiration (even when you yell at us :).

  3. SG Says:

    Hey everyone! Can’t believe it is already the last week of the challenge. It definitely went by quickly! Week 5 was pretty good for me actually. I got in 5 solid work outs! I was really really proud of myself for that. I have been eating pretty well, a few bad choices here and there but I guess that is expected – especially because of the left over V-day chocolate that has been lying around. I feel like this challenge has really helped me make changes in my lifestyle. I think I really have cut the habit of snacking late at night. That was something that was hard for me to stop…but having to be accountable to this challenge and journal kept me motivated. I got a tip from a friend of mine, to chew sugar free gum when I’m watching tv and I feel like snacking for no reason! It has helped actually because my mouth is doing something without putting chips/cookies/chocolate in my body.

    Going back to my first journal entry, I have incorporated all of my goals. I have lemon water every day, I have been eating more greens, (although not in powder form like I thought I would) but I have been adding spinach to my protein shakes, and eating more vegetables at dinner. I have avoided dairy to an extent, only eating it when necessary and in healthy portions.

    Overall I also have been working out more often and keeping them challenging and affective. I have been working on my posture with isolation exercises – working my lower half and my upper separately. I feel that I have definitely improved. I am now able to do the back track at BCBD by really isolating my upper body and keeping my lower half solid. This was one exercise from class that I never fully felt working. It will be interesting to see how it goes when we move back to the floor (as opposed to on our knees).

    Overall I am happy with my results of this challenge. I am glad it ran over 6 weeks, instead of 3 like last year, it helped me make these small goals into life style changes! Thanks to Eva and BCBD for coming up with this challenge! I hope you all feel confident with your changes as well! 🙂

  4. Lisa Says:

    This challenge has really been amazing for me. It was just what I needed to get me to be the me I have always wanted to be. I have hit some negative nelly speed bumps along the way, but I have been able to snap out of them pretty darn quick.

    I taught the masterclass that I talked about, last Friday. It was great! I was able to share and pass on what I have learned about meditation and breathing and get all of my work colleagues (that took the class) informed on a healthier way to live. I was only supposed to be talking about yoga and breathing and before I knew it we had transitioned to proper form when doing workouts, I was able to give them pointers, and advice on how to improve their work outs and how to get better results. It was such a good feeling to walk out of the class knowing that I was able to help on so many different topics.

    Doing the meditation has been getting better and better for me. I have been sleeping through the night (which at almost 8 months pregnant not a lot of women can say), if I do wake up it is because baby is pressing on my bladder! Like I said earlier, I have had some moments, but generally I am really getting better at letting things go and focusing on all the positive things that I am surrounded by.

    I was not able to get in my extra yoga classes this past weekend since I had a prenatal crash course both Saturday and Sunday. I am hitting the treadmill tonight for a run though, which I am really looking forward to. Going above and beyond for me to stay active has been my favorite part. I love the way I feel when I exercise. Eating healthy has never been an issue with me, until today that is. I don’t know why, but someone gave me a can of coke. Instead of just sticking it in the fridge, I opened it and drank a few sips. Shocking really since I don’t even like drinking pop. Every now and then I might have a diet coke, but my beverage choices are water, and to mix it up OJ. After three sips I felt so gross. I got rid of it quick! I still feel like I need the dentist, oh and baby does not seem to like it. He has been moving like crazy. I hate that I have just put him through that for a few sips of a cold drink.

    I know that I am going to come out of this challenge with a lifestyle change that has been very much needed. I am extremely thankful to you Eva and your team of experts for giving me that push that I needed.

    I am looking forward to continuing this lifestyle for me, my hubby and of course my baby boy who I will meet in 7 weeks 🙂

  5. Michelle s Says:

    Week 6: That was fast!

    It’s amazing how quickly time flies by when you’re logging your weekly events. It’s even more amazing how a challenge such as the one we’ve just embarked on can spawn such a positive change in a persons life.

    I think I got ahead of myslef in week 5. I was so excited about the changes I had made I wrote a very “last week of the challenge-esque” post; I couldn’t help myself.
    I spoke in length about *meeting my initial goals last week, forgive me for being redundant.
    To re-cap I’m now a girl who:
    -Drinks a lot of water!
    -Is active when I don’t have to be. Ie getting off a few bus stops away from home, aways taking the stairs etc.)
    -Plans out her days.

    *For an in depth description of these wonderful changes please refer to last week’s post.

    About the Candida Cleanse: (Quinoa is my saviour!)

    I did a candida cleanse for 2 weeks. It was intense. I ate a lot of quinoa and chicken, and green veggies.

    Are you into Quinoa?
    I highly recommend this versatile little grain. It’s full of protein and very neutral tasting with a soft but firm texture.

    I used it as porridge in the morning with some coconut oil and cinnamon and sometimes blue berries (all candida cleanse friendly foods).

    At lunch I mixed it with salad and chicken and a homemade dressing of apple cider vinegar, ginger and garlic and coconut oil.

    And at night as a substitute for rice with chicken and veggies.

    To tell you the truth it wasn’t too hard, (thanks to Quinoa). I snacked on humus and veggies, homemade guacamole and gluten free kale chops. I’m good with dietary restrictions having spent many years of my life on a diet. I find that repetition is the key to success in a strict eating plan. The less selection; the less available; the less temptation- that’s how I see it. I was slightly low on energy in BCBD, but it wasn’t unbearable.

    The cleanse product I took recommends a 6 week of cleansing. I’m off the cleanse now for 2 reasons:

    1. I’m undergoing a procedure in which my body needs to be strong and healthy next week. The cleanse isn’t nutritious enough to prep my body.

    2. Someone very close to me is leaving town and we’ve been going out more than usual before we have to say goodbye.
    Nothing kills a night out more than hardcore dietary restrictions.

    I’m going to go back on it in a few weeks. I do feel really good though and I recommend the Yeast buster candida trauma kit (the drink I had been taking) to anyone suffering of too much candida. I feel more alert, and the grosser issues the accompany candida are resolved too.

    Final thoughts:
    I began the 21 day challenge a lazy lethargic lump who only moved to go to BCBD and feed the dog. I barely drank water- sometimes I’d only have one glass in an entire day. I was bored and unmotivated with very little do to.

    6 weeks later I’m taking acting lessons, signing up for volunteer work, taking a creative writing class, and I’m meeting a potential employer on Friday! I even started playing my guitar again. I feel very proactive.

    I’m making positive health choices.
    In these 6 weeks I:
    Started meditating, did a cleanse, tried hot yoga, and of coarse, WATER!!!

    My overall mood has improved. I like being healthy and active! I’m so thankful for the kick start to a better lifestyle that the 21 day challenge provided. I’m very close to meeting my goal from last new year of being physically and emotionally well! my final step in meeting this goal will occur next week 🙂

    I won’t be in class next session unfortunately. But I can’t wait to re start in May, a changed girl with a new outlook on life and a new look!

    Thank you again Eva and the 21 day challenge experts!
    Congratulations to everybody who took part in this 21 day 6 week challenge!

    • Dawna M Says:

      Michelle – That’s great about the Candida Cleanse….meaning that you’ve found foods that don’t make it sooooo difficult to stick with.

      So ya…Quinoa…I’ve been wanting to try it forever…I’ve bout a bit of it from the Bulk Barn a few times, but never know what to do with it!

      I had dinner with my girlfriend’s a few weeks ago and we had a Quinoa salad (I guess that’s what it was lol), with some “stuff” in it…. 🙂 I’m going to ask her for what it all was again because I really liked it and it seemed easy to prepare. And I LOVE the health benefits of it too. Great ROI!

      I know it’s easy to “cook”….but if you have any suggestions for some savoury things to try as dinner, I’d love to hear more. 🙂


      • Michelle s Says:

        I have a cookbook from a spa I went to last year “grail springs” they have many Quinoa dishes in there. I’m happy to send you some recipes.

  6. Lindsay Says:

    wow what a fast 6 weeks!!
    I definitely feel like I have made some very good progress on my goals. I was hoping with some of the changes that I’d lose some weight/inches, but that didn’t happen. 😦 (well I did lose 2 inches off my chest, not really the area i was hoping for lol)

    The positive goals I feel I acheived were following my dietary restrictions better and not “cheating” so much. Now of course I did have to have some gluten, but I kept it at a minimum. I REALLY cut back on my sugar intake! I can’t believe I was able to do it! I did have strong cravings the first few weeks, but it got easier. I was used to coming home from work and having chocolate or candy…now if I truely need a snack, I’ll have a small handful of almonds and raisins. I’m pretty sure I stayed more positive than usual throughout the challenge. I wasn’t as grumpy at work.

    Not a goal I set out for, but another thing that happened over the challenge were better sleeps. I followed the advice of Lee-Anne to think positively before bed and say things you are proud of yourself for. That made a big positive change!

    Going forward I want to keep strong on eating properly and staying away from excess candy. I’d like to work on not rewarding myself with food. I’d also like to be more active outside of classes. My co-worker and I talked today about going to an indoor rock climbing place. can’t wait to try that!

    Maybe once all the stars align, I’ll lose some of the extra padding around my belly…but until then I’m going to be happy with where i’m at knowing that I’m strong and healthy. Over the past few years I keep trying new things that will help get me to my goal size, and I always said once I got there, I’d treat myself with a top from lululemon…this time I’m not basing the results on my size…more my achievments. Next week…shopping @ lululemon!

    congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge! Thanks Eva and all our experts!

  7. Vanessa Says:

    Week 6. Amazing.

    I am sitting in Mexico as i write this… Just wanted to say that this has been a great 6 weeks. Setting goals is something i want to continue to do. I find it hard generally to set goals but this has been a great exercise.

    I was doing lemon water everyday except for while i’ve been away. So just this last week. But still no coffee. And did the meditation track before i left. Helped me get a better sleep i think. I’m still eating more slowly. And even though water drinking has been a bit more of a challenge here, i’ll try harder for the rest of my trip.

  8. Rachelle Says:

    Week 6

    So this marks the end of the challenge and I would like to congratulate everyone for making changes in their lives. Personally, I have made big challenges in terms of my eating habits that I’m really proud of. This past week was a little tough being away and on vacation. However, I did manage to exercise everyday and eat relatively healthy. We had a lot of home cooked family dinners together which was really enjoyable. My parents are health nuts now so I ate really well during the day. At dinner time we all got together as a family and had really good West Indian cuisine which was a little less healthy but was fantastic. I did end up cheating a bit but I noticed changes in what I craved. For example, they did drink a lot of coke zero and I had two, I think, while I was there and I found myself missing water!! I really prefer to drink water now- which is such a great change. I ate a lot of healthy cereals, yogurt and sandwiches during the day and preferred to have fruit for dessert.

    Overall, my food cravings have totally changed. I love eating fresh fruits and veggies over chocolates and candy. I have managed to stay at home and cook most of my meals – which is a huge change from going out and buying every meal which is what I used to do. The biggest change has been in the way I feel. I feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. I used to have a lot of joint pain especially in my feet when I exercised or danced and that pain has diminished a lot since I started eating balanced meals.

    I think that the best gift I received from doing this challenge was the fact that I was given the opportunity to put my health first. With school, work, auditioning and the other things I have going on in my life what I ate and when I exercised really took a back seat. Keeping a journal and setting healthy active living goals on a daily basis has changed that. I now know that I am living a more balanced lifestyle because I was able to make the time to focus on my health.

    So thank you to all the experts who were involved in the making of the 21 day challenge and thanks to Eva for creating the challenge. I have had the opportunity to learn, grow and be more positive in my daily life. I feel as though I can take things in stride and I can look at the good things more instead of the bad. I know it will continue to be hard with lots of ups and downs but I have made new habits which are good and I look forward to continuing to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Thank you!!


  9. Dawna M Says:

    Week Six.

    Week SIX?? Really?

    Wow….I haven’t posted in awhile…I think I actually missed a couple of weeks! But I was still plugging away…making changes…learning how to stay on track when life drops a few bombs in your path.

    The challenge has been great and has really been good for something to focus on when everything around you seems to be falling apart or not going the way you’d like….been very glad for that.

    So…Round up time….

    Although they morphed slightly in the last 6 weeks, here are my 5 goals, what they were at the beginning of the challenge and how I think I did:

    1) I would like to cook at home much more often and prepare meals that are healthy AND great tasting.

    Scored big points here! Once I just DECIDED not to grab take out and just go home and cook…that’s pretty much what happened. I started to think ahead more about what I was going to eat for the day or the next day and planning around that. In doing so, because I’ve been “thinking” more, I naturally made better food choices! I’m very happy about that!
    Side note: I moved a few months ago and STILL haven’t gotten a microwave! So bonus points for me…my friends aren’t sure how I’m surviving without one AND eating at home! Best part there is…I’m not sure I want one! 🙂

    2) I will also drink “better fluids”….less “juice” (which, in some cases is better than pop, in many, I know it is just as bad for sugar content)….more water (much more water!)….and I’d like to find a tea that I like to aid in digestion, and drink that regularly too.

    I did well here too! Deciding to drink water with all my meals has made a big difference….same with drinking something first thing in the morning and at night (although I haven’t done that as much). But I have DEFINATELY increased my water intake…I usually have at least 2 cups around or with every meal (including some snacks) I have!
    By default, I have been drinking waaay less jusice and pop is a rareity.
    I also found that I like Green Tea with Honey and have been drinking that more often.

    3) Learn to meditate effectively.

    Haven’t scored as well with this one, but I am not discouraged at all as I will keep working on it. I’m convinced this will benefit me immensley…I just have to figure out how to do it and become engaged.

    4) Learn to practice Yoga. Partly a continuation of the previous goal, but also for the physical benefits of it….strength and increased flexibility.

    Not so great here either, however, I ended up deciding about half way through, that I would put more focus on this in March when I would have the time to take Yoga classes and learn what to practice at home. Do I’m not disappointed!

    5) I have sme changes to make personally and professionally so I’d like to really figure out how NOT to sabotage myself. That, I’m already good at, so I’d like to try something new.

    Not too bad with this one…..as with everything else, this is a work in progress, but anytime I’m working on something and hesitate out of fear or lack of confidence, I push through anyway. I am getting better at thinking better thoughts so that I don’t have my own demise all planned out before I even take the first step! The second a thought like that comes into my head, I switch it to the opposite….so that whatever I’m working on is a resounding success in my head! They are all tiny steps but I do feel the shift!

    One goal I had (and always have when doing BCBD sessions) is to make it through the push-up track! Last week I was ALMOST there! More importantly, I can FEEL the changes in strength compared to a short 4 weeks prior, so YAY for ME!! 🙂

    Overall, I’m happy with how things have gone for me during this challenge over the past 6 weeks. It’s been great to have something to focus on and seeing that I can, in fact, make these changes if I simply DECIDE to do it and COMMIT to it!

    The only “regret” I’d say I have is not taking more advantage of the amazing line up of professionals that were made available to us during the last 6 weeks! The info in the book was good, but if I were to go back and do this over again, I would certainly reach out to ALL of them! What a great opportunity to connect with experts in the various areas. Ya…i’d have to give myself a D (for Darn It) on that one. 🙂

    I am definitely thankful to Eva for putting this together and I hope everyone participating (and those just following along) got as much out of this as I did!

    What’s next? More of the same! The “end” is really a “to be continued…” 😀

    Best of luck to everyone!

  10. Julianna Yu Says:

    This was the last week and has probably been the worst week yet.  I had a good sunday but I was eating out more often (lots of white carbs) this week and so I’m feeling the nasty effects of it.  What made matters worse was I also found myself eating my dinners very far apart from my lunch and not snacking or drinking enough.  All in all, a bad week.  The upside is, at least I’m aware of these bad decisions and will try to change them this coming up week.  Yes, even though the challenge is over, I will still continue to work on my goals.

    I can’t believe how quickly these past six weeks have gone by.  I wish I could say that I accomplished all the goals that I set out for but I haven’t, and that’s okay.  However, I have gotten a lot further than had I not taken part in this challenge.  By participating, it has enabled me to change and develop some good habits.

    One of my end visions for this challenge was to be able to put on my work pants and have them feel roomy instead of snug.  Three weeks in I was a little upset that I didn’t see any changes, but then I thought, it probably took a while for me to gain that extra weight around my waist, so I’m going to think more long term and continue with this routine beyond the challenge.

    I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to exercise at home if I wasn’t part of the challenge. But I have felt like it has paid off in class because I am not struggling as much as I was before in the AB track and also in the push up track.

    As a result of this six week challenge, I am more conscious and mindful of my eating, lifestyle and exercise habits and would like to continue with setting goals for myself in these areas and in other areas of my life.

    Thank you participants for journaling about your experiences throughout.  Reading about your challenges, your accomplishments, your good days and bad, made me feel like we were all in this together.

    Thank you experts for sharing your knowledge.

    A BIG Thank you to Eva for putting this challenge together and for the regular inspirational quotes and encouragement.

  11. Karleigh Says:

    The week is over, and so is the challenge. I cannot believe how quickly these six weeks have gone by!

    I posted at the start of the week setting my goals. I did not keep a journal everyday this week as I had said. This week seemed to be a blur, I was extremely busy with a lot of different things. As for the rest of my goals:

    I ate a good breakfast everyday. I put lemon in my water and tried to drink more water everyday, but I feel I could have put more effort into this. However, when I was at work I made sure to only drink water, and a lot of it. Sweets… well Sunday night I went into work and the kitchen staff decided they were going to have me try every dessert on the menu, full serving sizes of course. I got through the chocolate ginache, creme brulee, tiramisu, but had to give up three bites into the espresso cheese cake… gross I know, that was my dinner. Monday was not much better I had some cake that I had baked and went out with some friends for drinks and finished the night at McDonalds… it was one of those nights. Tuesday I finished the cake I had and that was the last of unhealthy times. The rest of the week was good with better meals and no sweets.

    I put everything into the BCBD classes I had this week. I went early to my second Monday class. I was sore but put a lot of effort in. Tuesday I took to recover. Wednesday I went to a hot Yoga class… I have NEVER sweat so much in my life. My clothing was like I had just taken it out of the washer and my hair was soaked as though I had been in a pool. It was great! Thursday I went to a 2 hours of a dance class, I felt very energetic and put a lot of effort into it. Friday I took off. Saturday I was part of a demonstration and today I had class and the fundraiser. Super active 🙂

    My personal goals went extremely well. I got what I needed for my video blog and practiced what I was going to do and say. I need to book studio time still. I updated the main page of my website, and am going to update it again tomorrow. I made a blog post but decided to take it down to re-edit.

    The challenge is over, but the only option is to keep going with goals. I have enjoyed the challenges, set backs and successes through the way!


  12. CatBarry Says:

    Hi ladies,

    Can’t believe how fast time has flow by!
    I’ve been sick the last couple of days, but am pretty happy with the results that the challenge made us be more aware of.
    – I’ve managed to fix most of my bad morning habits: I NEVER skip breakfast anymore and having a shake where my vitamins are all incorporate it has made things easier for me.
    – drinking water at work has become a better habit too:
    – I’ve meditated most weeks, and will continue to keep this as a habit. I’ve actually found its a really nice thing to do on a weekend afternoon (although not gonna lie, it’s pretty nice to take a nap after).

    The most important part of the challenge for me was to become more aware of the excuses and limiting beliefs I have.
    As I set my goals of unplugging, I know this would be a hard one for me. The “fear of missing out” syndrome was really controlling to me, and more and more I’ve found that on “off” hours, I’ll try to consciously leave my phone on the counter or in another room.

    Finally, in terms of fitness I am getting closer to my goal of 3/week sessions. I’ve since signed up for 2 races (a 5k and a 10k) so I’ll be training for those in the comming weeks.

    Finally, the biggest change for me as definitely been getting to bed earlier. Slowly but surely, I’m getting in the habit of trying to be asleep before midnight, which has allowed me to be up and fresh in the morning. I’m still not completely there (I’m still suffering from over-snoozing ;)) but I have DEFINITELY seen an improvement.

    During the challenge, I also read a book “Unwritten Rules-What Women Need to Know About Leading in Today’s Organizations” (highly recommended). One of the last chapters of the book is about “Personal Sustainability” and how it is necessary if we want to achieve success, specifically in the corporate world. You can’t expect to perform at your best, if you aren’t at your best. In order to do this, it echoes the same things we laid out in this challenge that we need to “ritualize” our activities and plan them. It was a nice parallel to remind me that you don’t need dramatic change to have an impact, and that little tweaks will have a bigger effect if they are long lasting and sustained.

    The 21-day challenge has forced me to be more aware of the choices I make and be accountable for them. I’m so thankful for you to have extended this to us!
    After all it’s not the end, just another beginning.


  13. V "eh" G Says:

    Week 6

    We’ve come a long way baby.
    Hard to believe that I actually survived the challenge, but I am excited to reap the rewards by buying some brand new jeans.
    Yesterday I finally cracked and broke out the tape measure and was pleasantly surprised by the results. At the beginning of the challenge my waist was 33.5 inches and my thighs 25 inches. Normally this kind of information would drive me into a double cheeseburger fueled bender, but with a lot of effort and determination and help from all of the 21 day Challenge ladies I am pleased to say I have lost 1 inch of my thighs and 2 inches from my waist! Last week I was feeling frustrated due to bloating (I mean I do now survive mainly on legumes and veggies as opposed to processed meat snacks), but once the bloating subsided I started to notice my jeans looser and my muffin to be less gratuitous. Score!

    While definitely a win, losing inches wasn’t my sole goal in this challenge, in fact it was getting healthier. I approached this goal with three main goals – to cut out processed foods, limit my meat and alcohol intake and to exercise more frequently. If I wear a third grade teacher I would most definitely be giving myself some gold stars on all fronts.
    At first these challenges seemed impossible, given that the nature of my job is not quite conducive with healthy living and my friends were at first horrorfied by my healthy habits. It was super hard at first because the old me would have caved at the site of a Big Mac or a ice cold beer. Not only was I able to avoid it, but I no longer crave it anymore, instead preferring to sip on my mineral water and nibble on my delicious fresh snacks and meals. I also learned that by sticking to my guns and believing in myself not only paid off for me, but also inspired friends and coworkers to eat better and get more active.

    The final part of the challenge, weekly Yoga practice I will admit was the part I fully intended to fail. But Yoga is no longer a dirty word for me. I truthfully wasn’t always able to squeeze it in, but I did make an effort and realized I actually kind of like it. In fact this Friday I turned down an invitation to one of the biggest parties of the year to take an hour stretch yoga session prompting my friends to believe I may have been taken over by a pod person. All joking aside though, I have noticed that the occasional yoga session has done a lot for my body in terms of mobility and functionality. My posture has improved substantially and I feel taller and more confident.

    All in all, the challenge has been amazing and inspirational experience. Hearing everyone’s stories, struggles and successes has helped me stay on track and realize that while I’m only human,with a little determination and pinch of girl power I can accomplish my goals.

    Congratulations to all you lovely ladies for making it through and again a HUGE Thank You to Eva and all the amazing women who helped put this program together.


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