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Start 2011 with a 21 Day Challenge

January 6, 2011
Nobody Can Go Back and Start a New Beginning, But Anyone Can Start Today & Make a New Ending.
Happy New Year!

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. What are your goals for 2011? Do u have a clear view?

Participants in this years first Body Conditioning by Dancers 8 week session will be taking part in a 21 Day New Years Challenge – to help them start making the right choices towards living a healthy lifestyle and turn resolutions into long lasting lifestyle changes.

If there were a time to make a change, the time is NOW! You owe it to yourself to make your health and well being a priority this year. I’ve assembled a team of Toronto’s top experts to help you reach your goals.

Meet The Experts:
Lee Anne Galloway a Motivational Life Coach dedicated to empowering women towards positive change.  She believes “The secret to changing your life is changing your thoughts” and will share some invaluable tools to reshaping your self talk.

Natalie Roy a Yoga Teacher and Meditation Therapist shares with us a guided meditation exclusively recorded and available to the 21 Day Challenge participants for personal meditation practice. A powerful tool for getting to know yourself, and the self you wish to become.

The ladies of The Living Kitchen Sarah Grossman & Tamara Green, Chief Nutritionist, Creative Chef & Green Gardeners who are committed to “inspiring health, vitality and healing through conscientious eating and loving good food” will share 11 Tips For Eating Well and Feeling Great.

Susan Hobson Principle Performance Coach at Elite: High Performance Coaching whose mission is to help clients “Envision, Execute & Elevate!” Shares with us the steps to creating your Personal Roadmap to Success

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The 21 day challenge is FREE to take part in and is presented the first day of the new session with many great prizes up for grabs, including two 8 week sessions of BCBD, one on one sessions from each of the experts and 5 one week unlimited passes from Moksha Yoga Uptown. The challenge participants will be journaling online and video blogging about their experience. Stay tuned!
Take Me Up On the Challenge & Join us for the January 2011 Session Starting this Sunday.

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We are looking forward to an amazing first session of 2011, feel free to share this email with friends.
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