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What True Beauty Is To Me

December 13, 2010

Body Conditioning by Dancers

My entire message is to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, eat right, exercise and do nice things for yourself. My focus is on health not vanity. As a result I have 50 beautiful women, who look incredibly healthy and vibrant, and I wanted to show them just how beautiful they are.

On Sunday December 5th I brought together the ladies of BCBD for an evening of socializing with their classmates.  No lululemons, only party dresses – because we had a BCBD Photoshoot with a professional photographer who was there to capture their beauty in a personal photoshoot, back drop, lighting and all!

A truly inspiring evening…

A Night In Honour of Your Beauty

While media and society in general continue to looking outward and complicating the definition of beauty, I empower you to continue realizing that simple things like exercising, and eating right makes us happy and healthy and offers the answer to what the definition of beauty truly is and that it simply lies within ourselves.

Our life is a reflection of our actions.
I am Moved, Touched and Inspired by you all!


*   *   *   *   *

Join this beautiful healthy group of women in the New Year.

January 2011 Body Conditioning by Dancers Dates HERE

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Eva Redpath Tells You Why To Choose Group Fitness Over The Gym

June 10, 2010

Why Take A Group Fitness Class Over Going To The Gym Alone?

Because: Exercising in a group increases motivation and adds enjoyment to a fitness program!

Committing to group fitness classes outside the gym holds you accountable and creates the routine of having a regular time and place to workout. This is key for those who have trouble “fitting exercise into a busy schedule” enabling you to put your excuses aside, by making the time, and the choice to make a change!

Need more convincing?

Top 5 reasons why you should join a Toronto Womens Fitness Class!

1. You’ll get a fitness instructor who is experienced and qualified – don’t know how to conduct yourself in a gym? Problem solved!

2. No monthly membership fees going to waste – stop paying for a membership that you aren’t getting full use out of!

3. Small class sizes – that motivates without a stressful and hectic environment of a crowded class room

4. Private, clean and inspiring facility – away from the chaos of a congested gym. Choose a bright, inviting and appealing atmosphere

5. The most fun you’ll ever have in a Toronto Fitness Class– Look forward to coming to class each week. Group exercise that is enjoyable and invigorating. A program you’ll be inspired to stick with!

Find the right fit for you. Looking for a little extra motivation with your Summer Fitness Program? for Eva Redpath’s Body Conditioning by Dancers 10 Week Summer Schedule, visit:

January’s Healthy Lifestyles Newsletter

January 4, 2010

Welcome to my monthly newsletter.  You can now look forward to my fitness and nutrition tips and motivation in its new video format.

This Month’s Topics:

1) Nutrition – A Tasty Concoction to detox and help with digestion

2) Fitness – Exercise of a month, which has been inspired by my recent hot yoga practice

3) Wellness – New Years Resolutions…I’m going to tell you about my special offer for you.

4) News – Upcoming Tv Appearance

New Years Resolution Challenge:

I challenge you to choose a new years resolution and write it on my blog and as a special offer to you I’ll help hold you accountable!

1) Tell me your goal

2) Choose a timeline

3) Choose two dates in between as check in dates.

Leave your email address including the 3 steps above and you will receive 4 personal emails from me. An initial email saying I’m on board as your accountability partner. An email on each one of the check in dates and a final email on the timeline date.

A Little Encouragement To Live By In January:

If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

If you like what you are seeing, tried last months tips, then please take a minute and let me know…

Be well,


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